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Yes I watched the Eurovision song contest tonight! It’s hilarious to watch the euro pop sounds and hideous staging and crazy outfits as we all compete to beat each other for a title that frankly doesn’t mean much πŸ™‚

In the years of my lifetime the UK has mostly done poorly as political voting and below par songs have put us at the bottom of the pile. We usually end up feeling Europe hates us! We also have the issue we’re an island and neighbouring countries seem to stick together over on the mainland.

25 countries perform and 43 vote. Each country has a judging panel and a phone vote for the public, each 50/50 to the total. Each country awards points from 1-7 then 8,10 and 12.

This year reformed boy band Blue carried the UK torch for us with the somewhat cheesy but catch ‘I Can’. By the second country’s vote we performed better than last year where we came last. Unfortuately no win again for us, we came in at number eleven. Oh well, maybe one day πŸ™‚

Congrats to the winners Azerbijan, the singer actually lives in London and it was actually decent pretty pop song with a good chorus.

Anyone else watch it?



6 thoughts on “Eurovision”

  1. Yes we watched it here in beirut, and i like the irish one, it was funky and rhytmic…normally i would vote for denmark as my mother is danish, and they were not bad this year, normally we also compete for last place! The winner was a bit too soft for my taste, not bad but not my favourite…have a nice sunday!

  2. Watched the end and really enjoyed Graham Norton’s commentary – a worthy successor to Sir Tel! I have to say I didn’t think Blue would win – the song needed to be catchier!!

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