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Souvenirs and Songs

Went on a trip out today with my mum first to Savill Gardens for lunch then onto the garden centre to buys things for our work in progress Mediterranean garden (see tomorrow for photos). Savill Garden has a great restaurant and shop, which embarrassingly were the only two parts we savoured and not the gardens themselves (as the day was blustery and they’re pretty pricey to pay out just to pop into). Check out their website if you fancy a day out in Surrey.

I didn’t take my camera so excuse the phone pics. Here’s the outside:

Lunch wasn’t cheap but we didn’t mind as it was really tasty and kept us going all day …


 I had steak pie, potatoes and veg and mum had the roast pork. Yum!

Wherever we go, we are experts at sniffing out things to buy. I popped into the gift shop and came out with two back and silver fabric bracelets:

From there very full we moved onto a garden centre where mum socked up on summer plants and I wandered around the home items. Then things got crazy as I stocked up on yet more bits for my brown and cream bedroom. Soon there won’t be any room for me 🙂

 A wind chime.

 An angel ornament that means serenity.

A fun personalised money box for coins.
 A hanging butterfly.
 A lantern.
I really cannot be trusted to go out!
Here’s my music picks for this week. For some reason you tube wouldn’t embed so I gave up, Here’s the list anyway …
Alissa Moreno – Wildfires
 Lucy Schwartz – Turn back around
Kyler England  – You and I
Jag Star – Shine
Have a lovely Sunday guys!


12 thoughts on “Souvenirs and Songs”

  1. I am an absolute sucker for bracelets – love those! If I ever get to Surrey, we must hang out. Two Victorias are better than one for finding shopping deals, right?

  2. I love all your little acquisitions. It happens to me too. You step out for a nice little day and before you know it you have an armful of little treasures. Oh the life of a shopper.

  3. D’oh! Your pictures have reminded me of a failed to-do! I was out for brunch with some girlfriends earlier and found a frog wind chime. My son loves “froggies” so much right now, I meant to pick up the chime after we’d eaten . . . but, of course, did not, leaving me an hour’s drive away as I realize this!

    That’ll learn me to just pick it up immediately next time, eh?!

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