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Single ladies put your hands up!

Pros of bring single:

1. You get to do what you want, when you want without checking in with anyone. (Like watching Twilight …)

2. You only have one set family and friends to keep happy / spend time with so no conflicts arise and you have less presents to buy.

3. You can spend many hours daydreaming about The One as you haven’t met them yet (someone like Joshua please ….)

4. You can have girlie nights out and girlie holidays and go shopping for whatever you want. No need to justify buying shoes to yourself 🙂

5. You don’t need to groom if you don’t want to or wear restrictive underwear because it looks good.

Cons of the single life:

1. If your friends are single, you lack going out / holiday partners and as such can become hermit-like.

2. You have no-one to buy you presents or take you out for meals or snuggle with on the sofa.

3. You torture yourself by watching romantic films and wonder why gorgeous Mr Right doesn’t bump into you at the supermarket.

4. If you want to find a man and a relationship, it’s not easy. Meeting men is difficult. There are no dating venues anymore, no dances where you can be wooed, all social interaction is done when very drunk or online. Where has all the romance gone?!

5. You get the questions. You get the pity stares. You get people telling you how they met their other halves like the same could happen to you. You feel like everyone thinks there’s something wrong with you because you’re single. (Jennifer Aniston certainly suffers from endless love life questions …)

Pros vs. cons, it doesn’t matter. All the single ladies out there should walk tall and proud today! Why? Because I said so 🙂




48 thoughts on “Single ladies put your hands up!”

  1. Happily I’m well and truely taken. It was a long hard slog to get where I am and although I do miss the girlie nights out I know I can do them if I want to AND have a lovely warm snuggle waiting for me to come home.
    Yes it is hard to find a suitable partner nowadays ( unless you’re prepared to spend many awkward evenings while your friends try and match make for you ).
    But I suppose while you are single you’re building your confidence up so when you do meet ‘the one’you’ve enough belief in yourself that you don’t turn yourself into something you’re not just to keep him happy.

  2. Dear lord, I love that song. And I am constantly amazed to read your posts and find they are basically the written down versions of my inner monologues 🙂 I *will* put my hand up … yay for us single ladies!

  3. Enjoy your childless singlehood while I deal with 2 kids with colds, while I have a cold. Oh and the dog keeps digging up the garden.

    I’d love a weekend away with the girls to sip girly drinks and to dream about Mr. Gorgeous Right.


  4. Ya know, I adore your blog. I never know what kind of post to expect and I dig that! All the guys I meet are at bars. I used to do the online thing with no success. All of my friend suggest meeting them at work or church. Um, I’m unemployed and don’t like organized religion so I’m kinda screwed.

  5. You know, you can still do #3 and #4 from the pros of being single list even when you aren’t single….tee hee! Single or not, we should all enjoy our lives to the fullest! 🙂

  6. I like your list of pros. The cons I think depend on the person. I like being single right now. I also think that for some being in a relationship doesn’t mean that you will be any less lonely. Which sounds sad.
    I rather like the idea of becoming the person you want to be with and when you meet him we will appreciate and cherish him. And the right guy will appreciate and cherish you. Aw Vix, I think you deserve to be loved entirely, I feel that is in your future. Hugs for you 😀

  7. Girl, I ‘triple like’ this post. 🙂 I’m sending the link to all my friends, whether or not they’re single. So amusing, so true, and such a great read!

  8. Ha! This post was so cute. There are definitely things I miss about being single. But if it makes you feel any better, I’m married and I still watch Twilight every time it’s on and tell my hubby how sexy i think Robert Pattinson is…lol. 🙂

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