Music, Sunday Songs

Sunday Songs

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! Today is a themed Sunday Songs – after all our discussions about loving and believing in yourself, here’s some musical inspiration for us, enjoy …

Selena Gomez – Who says

Natasha Bedingfield – Freckles

Pink – Perfect

Glee – Unpretty / I feel Pretty




6 thoughts on “Sunday Songs”

  1. Like Surrey Gal, I love P!nk! This song might actually be my favorite of hers.

    The only Natasha Bedingfield song I’d heard was “unwritten,” but this was sweet and uplifting, too. 🙂

    The weekend’s been great despite my little one’s horrid cough, and apt to get better today!

  2. Great choices of songs. Words to live by. Of course, I always struggle seeing someone young and beautiful singing about doubting herself, but then I remember that we all have our own challenges and troubles. What matters is not how we look, but how we face those challenges.

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