Superinjunctions are a super waste of time

Currently the news over here is alight with the story of super injunctions – male celebrities getting the courts to place an injunction on the media reporting their affairs. A famous footballer recently got one taken out to save his affair with a Big Brother contestant from coming out but Twitter revealed his name anyway and now an MP has named him in Parliament so all the press are naming and shaming Mr Ryan Giggs.

I am disgusted that you can pay thousands to a judge to cover the fact you are a cheater but the women involved have their names dragged through the mud. Whatever you think of Imogen Thomas sleeping with a married man, she wasn’t cheating he was the one with the family yet the law protects him. The law should protect victims not footballers who can’t keep their trousers on!

Why do these men always cheat? It seems like there isn’t even one footballer who can’t help himself despite having a wife and kids. They seem to be praised for being “men” not blasted for being bad role models to all the young football fans out there. But it’s not just footballers, there are apparently quite a few injunctions in place by various celebs too scared to face the music over their indiscretions.

If you don’t want the world to find out you cheated, don’t do it in the first place! If I was their wife I’d name and shame them myself and get the hell out but I suspect Mrs Giggs will stick by her husband and his millions.

Do you think the court should allow these injunctions?



21 thoughts on “Superinjunctions are a super waste of time”

  1. I think it’s disgusting – it teaches all those kids who idolize them that it’s ok to do something wrong and then cover it up.
    If you do the crime hold your hands up and accept it.. growl.

  2. So true. When a man cheats on his wife (and family!) it’s just accepted and everyone moves on. The mistress gets called a slut and the wife gets humiliated. Such a terrible thing. I hate men that do this. It’s disgusting. Nobody forced the man to propse his life & fidelity to a woman. People need to thinkthings through before they do anything.

  3. I’m not sure what the rules are in the UK but regardless, I think if you are a celebrity of any sort, media attention just goes along with the job. That being the case, if you are going to make a ‘bad decision’ you are going to have to deal with the consequences of that decision. These people need to own up to their mistakes like the rest of us do; they shouldn’t get to hide behind a legal injunctions simply cause they are famous/rich

  4. It absolutely disgusts me too, Vix. Cheating in general has always been a very sore subject with me. 😦

  5. There is a double standard, women are vilified and men are given a pass. I mean think of Bill Clinton, ultimate cheat, man got away with it and more. I think a lot of men will go for sex when offered, but women cheat when they are unhappy with the relationship. And I think the women who knowingly have affairs with married men should be responsible for their actions, just the same as men. Money or not, you’ve got to be accountable. Although I think it happens a lot nowadays, I think it did before too, but with online affairs it just opens one more avenue. If someone is going to cheat, they’ll find a way.

  6. What is it with your blog!!! I’m listening to my native radio and read your blog and when I start reading this post they start talking about Giggs on the radio!
    Something similar has happened before, if I remember well!

  7. Ugh, I think it’s terrible how many men are unfaithful to their wives. Here in the States we have Arnold Schwarzenegger cheating on his wife (over 12 years ago) with the maid. She got pregnant and had the kid, and the kid came over to their house all the time. What’s even worse is that Arnold’s wife was pregnant at the same time. YUCK!

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