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Fans or friends

Author David Meerman Scott made this quote, “if you want 20,000 fans you must do 2000 different things that each generate 10 fans.”

Somehow my blog has hit 20,000 visits since I started in December yay! The word “fan” has evolved through recent times – it used to apply to mere mortals beings fans of celebrities – screaming for boy bands for instance, but now every brand out there wants to cultivate fans. This is probably due to the Facebook phenomon and the introduction of the “like” button. Now everyone wants us to like them. One couple have even name their baby like 🙂

Writing a blog is a chance for us to share our opinions, to practice writing and to be part of a online community. If I was an established author writing a blog then my readers would check it out like a website, they would be fans but when you’re an unknown in the blogging world, it is fellow bloggers that in the main come to your blog and engage with it – subscribe, comment etc. Some people may stumble upon it searching for a particular thing but they tend to view, grab an image maybe and then flee.

So I have 20,000 views but do I have any fans? I have blogging friends – ones who subscribe  (55 for you nosy people out there 🙂 ) and comment everyday mostly and I do the same for them and their blogs may lead me onto new blogs and vice versa increasing our community.

I think what the beginning quote tell us is that people in general are more fickle now – you have to do new things and be innovative for them to keep coming back to you, for them to be loyal to you. Brands must constantly change with the times to appeal. Facebook used to be for personal use only but now has pages by companies, bands etc for you to be a fan of, I’ve seen TV adverts recently asking you to visit them and like their pages.

But is my blog a brand? I don’t think so, not yet anyway. My blog is an extension of me, a online journal also which I share with like-minded readers, who through time become friends – ones I may never see in the flesh but friends nonetheless. A support network. Perhaps when I’m a famous author (:)) then my blog may be visited by “fans” and I might question how many I have, how many books they will buy and how I can keep them loyal to me but for now, I’m just happy anyone reads my rambles on here and I love the blogging community who have welcomed me with open arms. I love to read comments and I love to read other blogs.

So I don’t think we should worry too much about gathering fans because whilst they may be fickle, whilst their loyalty may stray, true friends are for life. And to my friends on here I thank you for stopping by and for enriching my experience on here!

Here’s to friends!



46 thoughts on “Fans or friends”

  1. Well done you!!! You have quite a few very dedicated groupies out there 😀
    Now that’s an idea, to make your blog a brand… I think there are some, but it must be very difficult to do.
    Keep up the great job! I will keep coming. x

  2. great post! I’m thinking of giving up blogging. Simply because people don’t read my full length posts. And I need to focus on life. Sad, but I only really get comments on outfit posts, and I normally despise doing those posts because I find them rather repetitive!! :s

      1. I totally agree. When I come across a blogger account, the groan slips out of me. It truly is a pain and sometimes you lose your comment and I’m just too tired to retype. There are a few that I consistently comment on and copy my response before trying to post it…
        Lake Forest, CA USA

  3. Definitely one of my very favorite posts of yours, Vix. You see your blog exactly as I see mine – as an extension of yourself. I very much enjoy reading yours and the insight you always have!! 🙂

  4. Damn girl, 20K people?? That is insane–you go 🙂 I wonder if you were highlighted on or something? I know some people who got really high numbers one day and that happened. I like your blog b/c you touch on different subjects each day not just one thing (I find blogs like that rather repetitive and dont read them)

    1. You mean Freshly Pressed? No haven’t had that, I did get a peak one day of people searching for butterfly pictures but mostly it’s just about 200 views a day adding up. Thanks, I love yours too!

  5. Since I subscribe in a Reader, I may not be officially counted among your 55, but I am happy to follow you and comment when I can.

    Hi friend!

  6. Congrats on your 20,000! Whether fans, friends, or randoms, it is an accomplishment none the less. Its exciting to think that you have touched the lives of all those people, even if it was just for a moment, offering them a glimmer of yourself and your thoughts.
    I love reading your blog and finding new music, cool things about the UK, and knowing there is someone else in the universe who feels a bit like me some days. So thank you on behalf of the 20,000 people who have stopped by your blog and have appreciated what you offer the world =)

  7. Great post, Vix. The interaction in blogging is what makes it fun for me.

    Adulation from “fans” is less interesting to me than interactions with “friends.

    Write on!

  8. 20,000 views since December – now that’s some going! Congratulations! You are doing something right! Friends are far more important to me than “fans”, and the interaction we have on WP is priceless – it’s what keeps me coming back.
    I love your rambles, so keep ’em coming!

  9. Seconding this! I started my blog to “build a platform,” then found I cared less about “building a platform” than finding a group of people whose struggles and triumphs I would like to be around to share, in this particular way. 🙂

  10. I’m a fan *and* a friend 🙂 I still find it bizarrely comical that we’re pretty much strangers, but I totally relate to your thoughtful musings. I’m proud to say (well, write) that I have helped rack up some of those 20,000 blog views!

  11. Wow, that’s an accomplishment Chick, yay for you 20,000 (here’s where I blow the poppers). I think that fact that you post practically every day and that you write in a way that makes the reader feel like they know you makes it easy to be a fan friend. I think it’s developing the friend relationships in your responses and visiting their blog that seals the deal. That and you’re an absolute sweetheart.

  12. VixTER!

    What’s happening woman? Well, you already know how I feel on this subject. I always “mock complain” why my posts are never “freshly pressed” but really how many regular readers (subscribers)do people get from freshly pressed? Their stat numbers go up from those curious, and many comment, but then are on their way. It’s mainly to advertise their blog.

    It took me a bit to finesse my skill, my first 2 blogs, no one subscribed and I think I had 1 comment! My latest blog, I’d rather take time to give a true response to other people and “talk” to them and build my community of friendships.

    I’m actually heading up to Canada at the end of June and The Redneck Princess (Donna) and I plan to meet while we’re visiting her part of the world. How many bloggers have done that? Complete strangers? I’m looking forward to it and hope our meeting can happen.

    Unfortunately, we can’t drive your way, and England doesn’t fall within my husband’s sales territory. Maybe someday! when the Ahhsome Community builds up enough, maybe I’ll arrange for a weekend get-away/meet up! Plan it out a year in advance! HA!

    Lake Forest, CA USA

    1. With about 2800 on my Freshly Pressed entry, I’d say I got about a dozen new subscribers from the adventure. It was definitely a rush, and I did find a couple of really neat people through comments on it . . . but most of the subscribers I have so far are from just browsing around and commenting on journals that capture my attention. It’s really awesome to be part of a virtual community, and this is the first blog (thanks to its owners responsiveness) where I think I really felt that community.

    2. It’s great you’re meeting up, def testamount to the great community you’re creating! I’d def make the trip to California to meet you all, obv the location would be a sacifice 🙂

  13. Congrats on 20,000 visits!!! I’m a definitely a fan and a friend of yours!! I love coming to your blog because your a fabulous writer, but also because I feel like we have a ton in common! SO glad to have met you! 🙂

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