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Cut throat

Cheryl Cole has been dropped from the judging panel of US X Factor after just two weeks. Her boss and mentor and supposed friend Simon Cowell reportedly didn’t even tell her in person and is blaming executives at Fox TV for the decision. Cheryl is currently keeping quiet but I imagine she feels angry, humiliated and let down by Simon who took her out to LA with the promise of American stardom and then cast aside when it went wrong. what I find laughable is the reason given is US audiences can’t understand her Geordie accent – um didn’t they realise she had an accent before they hired her? Didn’t they test audiences? So it is just a publicity stunt or did other judge Paula Abdul stick her claws in? We’ll never really know probably and although I’m not CC’s biggest fan it got me thinking about how work is cut throat now.

A couple of generations ago you took a job and you stayed for life. Even my mum has done the same profession since she was 15 (hair dressing). Nowadays, You compete for the best jobs, you’re constantly on the look out for new opportunities and you expect your employer to develop you and give you career progression or you’re out of the door. Promotions and pay increases are fought for. You have colleagues at work and rarely friends. And you need to watch who you trust. Cheryl learnt a valuable lesson over the X Factor, just because Simon seemed like a friend he was actually her boss and he had to make the right decision for the show, the company in that case. But sometimes the cut throat atmosphere of the work place is exhausting. Are we better off now that we have more job opportunities and aren’t just stuck at one company forever or are we missing out on loyalty, long term benefits and a better work / life balance?

I used to think I’d never be a stay at home mum, that I’d always work for a good career but lately I’ve wondered whether I will actually stick by that when I settle down. There’s something to be said for buliding a solid family life and avoiding the stresses of work life where the house always wins.

What do you guys think?



43 thoughts on “Cut throat”

  1. I used to always want to be a working-mom, but I can’t help but think how nice a part-time job would be when I try to raise my kids one day! I heard about the Cheryl Cole thing too, and can’t believe that they would fire her b/c audiences wouldn’t be able to understand her!? You’re 100% right! They should have known that before they hired her!

  2. I was looking SO FORWARD to seeing Cheryl on my television 😦 And I don’t buy the whole “can’t understand her” bit. I can understand her just fine, as long as she doesn’t use Geordie slang. I’m very disappointed, I think she could have done well here if the network gave her the chance.

  3. My sisters are both stay at home moms and they work so much harder than I do! But they have the reward of being with their children all day and knowing that ultimately they are working for themselves…they are their own bosses and all their hard work goes to benefit thier family rather than some company!

  4. I hope you’re not saying that choosing to be a stay at home mum is to avoid the stress of work and a career? These are 2 very separate things especially in the Real World (as opposed to celebville).
    I’ve never liked Cheryl but would never wish her or anyone else the public humiliation she’s suffering. I totally agree with you that she miscalculated Simon’s assistance, at the end of the day he does not control everything for he is also on someone else’s payroll. You know what happens when a friend tries to get you a job….I do believe Cheryl could have done A LOT more to help herself prepare for the new job and to give herself the best possible chance of making it in such a different place. I was never convinced simply because it is so very cut throat in USA, you have just got to give so much more than just a pretty face and you’ve only one chance not to mention the money involved.
    At best she was ill advised, at worst,she totally overestimated her own talents. She’s in showbiz so all this comes with the territory.

    I’ve been a stay at home mum of 3 for the past decade and trust me, my career (involving long hours, big budgets, international clients and PR) often seems easier by comparison! Not everyone can or wants to be a full time mum. I know many mums who simply cannot be at home, they need the outlet of the workplace even if it is a cut throat one. You’ve got to choose to be at home for the right reasons, not to avoid something else.

    1. Uh-oh 🙂 No, I totally see how hard is to be a mum but I just feel it would be more rewarding in the long run! I don’t know how I feel of course if I actually have kids and would make the choice then, one that’s right for them and me. I really wasn’t putting down stay at home mums, I’m sure 3 kids is very challenging, I’m not sure I’d manage 3!

  5. Great post -fantastic read! I think its great that we can experience so many different careers in a lifetime however it does create a lot more pressure at work to be the best, always be progressing and advancing towards promotions; there is always someone who is waiting for you to either leave, be fired or promoted so that they can take your job position. It can get pretty cut throat. I do feel sorry for Cheryl Cole. I’m sure its a pretty bad feeling to be fired and have half the world bear witness…

  6. I was a hair salon manager and stylist until shortly after having children. I stayed home a bit, and then managed a dental office for ten years and quit to be home once my kids hit the middle school years. I have been fortunate to be allowed to stay home when I felt my family needed me. I have no regrets about quitting work and staying home. I think it’s a personal decision and no right or wrong answer as to whether a mom works out of the home or in the home. We’re all faced with different circumstances that we base our decisions on. (And I do remember all too well how cut throat the work place can be at times!)

  7. great post! I feel sorry for Cheryl but they shouldn’t axe her because of her geordie accent. (one of my fave UK dialects, apart from the Edinburgh accent <3). I just hope that she gets back on her feet soon… but who knows if she will go back to the UK xfactor? They start filming on Wednesday!

    1. If I was her I wouldn’t because she’ll still be working with Simon and having to line his pocket, I’d move on to something new and prove him wrong!

  8. There is no one-size-fits-all life.
    No one can “have it all.”
    Every choice we make precludes other choices.

    We can’t be both “full time high powered executive” and “stay at home care giver.”

    We alone must decide where our priorities lie ~ whether it’s in the office or at home.

    Look deep. The answers lie within.

  9. Yes, she’s just found out for Simon Cowell she was just a Utility and not a friend. Everything has it’s breaking point, and for her, I suspect, her trust in him is broken forever

  10. First of all, I’m appalled if the excuse they used was accent. That’s just embarrassing. Secondly, I agree that the world has become too cut-throat. That’s part of my own personal struggle. But, everyone has to create their own path. I was a horrible stay at home Mom. I love Sarah, obviously, but I feel more fulfilled as a person when I have outside pursuits. Some people love being at home, some people don’t. I think the best thing you can do is just make choices that fulfill you along the way, and try to stay out of the cutthroat politics of the world.

  11. I never thought being a stay-at-home mom would be fun…until I was. I wouldn’t go back to the dog-eat-dog business life for anything. It is a lot of work, and sometimes no reward.

  12. The me of three years ago was excited by the prospect of many years of job-hopping and learning whole new skill sets. The me of today is grateful to have a stable job, but aches a little every time she has to drop off her son at day care.

    Watching my little guy run around this weekend and just getting to be with him (although I’m allowing myself a brief be-with-him fail!) seem far more satisfying to me than any product I could help create or sell on the job.

    I’ll be pondering this question long after I click “post comment,” of course!

  13. I saw the news on TV too. I think the reason they gave is just ridiculous. I feel sorry for Cheryl.
    P.S. Your mom is a hairdresser? Lucky you, you can get free styling and cuts and treatment *jealous* 😉

  14. I don’t like that sort of environment. I think it’s a sign of society, we’re all in it for ourselves. The company doesn’t care as much about the employee, that is the worst thing any company can do for it’s future. It yields a high turnover rate and a bad moral. There is a high cost to that. FYI Fox is terrible, they make great shows and then kill them off.

  15. Vicky, I worked so hard to climb up the ladder. You’d have to fill out bi-annual review forms explaining your goals where you are in relation to those goals, explaining that you do deserve your raise. So at your annniversary they will deem if/how much your raise. Usually, the raise is already predetermined at a set amount, it’s whether you’ll get it, a small portion of it, or at all…

    It doesn’t matter if you’re loyal any longer. I always worked my butt off to get those raises. Then, I’d leave a company for a better oppportunity, one that starts off at higher pay, or offers a new learning experience…I found you had to “job hop” to get anywhwere on the payscale.

    After years of experience and good work ethic, I finally made it to $25.00/hr. as an admin assistant. After a couple of raises, they decided to lay me off…so you work hard to get these impossible raises, and then they realize “Oh, we’re paying too much” and then they let you go…now, new young kids are exiting college, have some skills in software/computer that really isn’t necessary for an admin type job, but are willing to work for less…and so now the job I had, no longer exists. It’s now a $10.00/hr job.

    In Southern Cal, I was barely getting by on the $25…especially with day care, family car, mortgage for just a condo, two association dues, etc. it’s insane!

    Now, I’m home because I can’t find a job, let alone one that will pay at least $25.00/hr to cover child care. and bills. My EDD checks have run out, and the mini blogging job I had has ended, and my meager savings will be depleted within the next month or so…

    Honestly, it’s a little unnerving and difficult to enjoy being home with the kids when I’m worrying over $$ and I have to tell the kiddos we can’t do things…and it’s looking to get worse.

    It’s truly unfair, I did everything right, worked my butt off since I was 16. And at 37…so sorry! That’s just the way the world is now…oh, and OUTSOURCING sucks.

    Lake Forest, CA USA

  16. Climbing the ladder is frustrating, that’s why I’m working 2 jobs during the summer. But I also do some volunteer stuff, so I feel like I’ll be investing in my future in some way by solidifying connections.

  17. You know, I always assumed I’d have a career and work until I died, but to be honest, the idea of being a SAHM is crazy appealing. Definitely something I would have revolted at in my younger (very feminist) years. But hey, that was the purpose of the feminist movement, right? Not that women had to work, but instead that they had a choice and shouldn’t be looked down on for whichever choice they make. Aaanyway, tangent aside, I hear ya.

  18. I do not understand much of article..but I know it is not a nice thing to do. It seems caring was not thought of for her.
    It looks to be a sad articel


  19. But was it really Simon C who fired her? Maybe it was the TV?
    She must really feel awful, whatever it was.
    As for family life… I think a part time job is perfect. Givs you time for private life, and gives you also the opportunity to go and meet people.

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