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Too much advice means nothing

The amount of contradicting advice out there really annoys me. We were told to use a minimum of factor 15 sun cream but now a study has said we should use at least factor 30 as we don’t use enough or reapply enough for 15 to be enough. Then we’re told we need some sun everyday to get vitamin D but to wear suncream to avoid skin cancer. It’s not just sun cream either – what foods we should eat, drinking alcohol, hours of sleep, mobile phone use, what to do or not to do when pregnant, what causes cancer etc etc, so many opinions out there.

To be honest I’ve given up paying much attention. I think everything is fine in moderation and you can literally go crazy following all the advice out there. This week is a heatwave in the UK. I don’t wear sun cream just out and about in the day because apart from my walk to the train station I’m indoors msot of the day but to sunbathe I always use suncream. I don’t overdo it and I’d never use a sun bed but on a hot day I like to lay out and relax and get some warmth on my skin. If they are right in their heat wave predictions, I am going to spend my Saturday laying in my garden with a good book and my iPod!

I do know I need to bump up my fruit and veg intake (we’re supposed to have 5 portions a day) and do more excercise as I sit down most of the day in an office but I try not to worry too much, fitting the recommended mould may make you feel saintly but I think we should trust our own bodies and fit into our own lifestyle without driving ourselves crazy over all this advice. Who’s to say the advice is right anyway?!

Do you listen to advice from experts or go your own way?




36 thoughts on “Too much advice means nothing”

  1. I think my post today relates to this. Keep it simple. After all, life causes cancer, so we might as well just keep living. Enjoy the sun!


  2. And they will spend millions of dollars in research to disprove the current claim to make another, and do it over and over again. Can you imagine the billions of dollars spent on needless and endless research (of course some research is quite important), we could feed the world with all that wasted money! They have spent countless millions in research for building a second bridge/tunnel in my area and are extending their research…(this research is not the structure of the project but the proposed impact on traffic) the research cost now surpasses the cost of the original project!

  3. I’ve always had an idea for someone called Manual Man, who followed every manual, piece of advice etc. The fact is there arn’t enppugh hours in the day to worry about everything so you might just as well relax and forget about it. In other words I agree with you

  4. I think you have the right attitude towards things. I think, like most advice, people should take what they want and leave the rest. That doesn’t mean using ice cream to represent your dairy portion every day but rather, here’s what doctors think, take the parts that are going to work for your lifestyle and put them in to action.

  5. Everything in moderation. I love the sun and in the summer, I enjoy it. There are so many things out there that are “bad for your health”. I think I was blessed with common sense and know what’s good for me. I take some “warnings” with a grain of salt, I just don’t over do it.

  6. Everything in moderation is my motto, whether it’d be alcohol, food, etc. I do wear suncream in the sun…. But as for alcohol…!!! 🙂

    I suppose IF I get preggers I will be following their advice to the letter… still when my colleague was last pregnant she ate nuts yet her child hasn’t got a nut allergy!!!!!

  7. I follow my doctor’s advice because it’s usually tailored to me and my body. You’re right – all that conflicting information in the news can drive you nuts!

  8. They used to say butter is bad for you, and margarine is good, then they changed their mind… one egg a day, more is too much; eggs are not bad at all and don’t raise the cholesterol levels…
    Well, everything in moderation, and we’ll be fine!

  9. I totally agree, I just try and use common sense. You know there are folks out there living natural old school lives and they seem fine. Think about those places where they have long life expectancies, it’s not so much about doctor visits as it is about lifestyle choices. At least that’s the way I see it. Eat healthy, try not to over do it with the sun, especially if you are fair skinned. For me, I don’t like the sun, I get darker just when it’s warm. I try to stay out of the sun, but I get darker none-the-less. But I do where sunscreen just in case. And drink tons of water. I’ve been doing it, and world seems that much better.

  10. I used to be THAT girl who followed every bit of advice I was given. Then I became pregnant, and nearly flipped my lid at all the total strangers, family members, and doctors giving me contradictory and totally unsolicited advice. In the end, it’s good to know things. It’s better to go with your gut.

  11. If listening to advice isn’t enough, besides some being contradictory and some damn irritating; experience is what matters most. Many a time, experiences teaches us much more than advice. For each person, we need our own cup of tea brewed to our taste. Advice is needed but in the end, you should be the one making the call. It’s your life after all, to live the way best for you. 🙂

  12. I’m with you on the moderation opinion… 🙂 I try to go all-natural as much as possible in my eating and I don’t sunbathe either, but wearing sunscreen ALL the time and avoiding all foods that aren’t grown on a farm seems a bit extreme. So moderation really does seem to be key, as far as I’m concerned.

  13. I do seek out advice from people who I feel are more knowledgeable than me on a particular subject. However, I don’t rotely follow what they say without thinking over all my options and deciding for myself.

    Nice post!

  14. I definitely agree with you! Yeah, I probably should follow their advice in eating healthier and exercising more but overall I think that I’m ok the way I am, I feel like if we listened to everyone’s advice out there we’d never get anything done!

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