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I wanna be where the sunshine is

Today I refer back to my post no kissing in the rain as the weather is hideous here in London. British weather is so weird – Saturday we have a really hot, sunny day and I actually got a bit burnt and then yesterday the rain came and a chill was in the air. This morning, I got drenched on the commute to work and brought out my hooded parka – it’s summer people!!

I really wish I could move somewhere with constant weather – nice and warm and sunny with no unpredictably. A place where you can actually plan things to do and not have to call it off at the last minute because it’s suddenly decided to rain.

A place like this …

Instead of this …

What’s the weather like in your part of the world – any tips for where I should move?



45 thoughts on “I wanna be where the sunshine is”

  1. You kinda have to be careful what you wish for! lol! I’ve lived in a warm, constant climate as like you I craved the stability and predictability after grimey London. However, the sameness became boring believe it or not. There was no creativity with the same weather everyday day in day out. Then I read something about the weather which made perfect sense to me. Can’t say I love the British weather 100% but I’m complaining less than I used to about it and actually learning to enjoy it in all its unpredictability and spontanaeity.

  2. I hate the endless rain, so boring! But, Edinburgh’s lovely in the rain so can’t complain (unless it’s windy!!)

    you should go to Australia. I think the best places are Queensland (Brisbane, Cairns) and Darwin (NT). Rarely gets below 13 degrees. Bliss….

    J. x

      1. yeah it is such a long flight, 24 hours! I still want to go to Australia…! lol!

        but in brighter news, I’m planning on visiting edinburgh in the autumn!! hurrah! (at last!!) – I just hope it doesn’t rain (but it’ll probably rain then, just as it will when I go to cornwall on our freebie summer hol!)


  3. It was raining all night long… and this morning too.
    My girls love rain, they haven’t had too much of it. I love sun, and I know for sure I wouldn’t miss either rain or snow or winter or various seasons…

  4. 300 days of blue sky in Beirut. Is that motivating enough for you to move here? 🙂
    But: we have too much pollution, too many cars, political instability and many other crazy things!!! I used to live in Denmark (a lot of similarities with english weather!) and I don’t miss the grey at all!!!

  5. There is no perfect place. Everywhere has something. I am still amazed at snow and all its beauty—till it gets dirty(yik!)

    But, I do miss weather where clothing is optional…lol


  6. I live in one of those places they say if you don’t like the weather to stick around five minutes and it will change! I like the flexibility of the patterns…I just (actually I don’t but hubby does) keep and eye on the sky and the weather channel that makes planning easier!

  7. You were lucky.. Saturday for us was supposed to be lovely in reality it was cloudy and windy and threatened to thunder most of the afternoon. They never get it right do they? I think it should be lovely and sunny all day long and then rain from 10pm through to 6am…. 😀

  8. Where I am (tucson, AZ) it is HOT and DRY. As in 105F today, with the sun so bright it’s light as day by 4am and it never lets up until 9pm. It makes it tough to enjoy summer when it feels like death-heat-wave is going on!

  9. If you find that perfect place, let me know! I’m still looking. I live in the Midwest and it’s ridiculous. Take this year, we skipped spring entirely. One minute, it was winter and freezing cold with snow. Then suddenly, it was humid and hot. What!

  10. The first picture, it looks a lot of tropical countries in Thailand and maybe…my home country Malaysia too! The downside is, you have to get used to sweating everyday and shower at least 2 times daily!

  11. Oh girl, you need to move next door. We’ve had non stop sunshine for the past couple of weeks. I am so a sunshine girl – winter is hard enough on me, I wouldn’t survive without summer sunshine to carry me through the next winter, haha!

  12. I’m originally from the UK so I know what you mean about the weather. I emigrated to Australia many moons ago and live in Queensland, (it’s called the Sunshine State for many reasons). Our weather is perfect – our winters are mild enough just to wear a jacket but our summers are hot and humid and it gets a bit uncomfortable. We also get cyclones.
    Still, rather that than your UK weather.

  13. I remember spending 3 days in London in July (many years ago) and it felt more like March. You could move to the hills of Rwanda – pretty constant temps, not too hot.

  14. Our weather in Florida suits me perfectly. Light jackets in the winter (with occasional COLD days) and lots and lots of SUNSHINE!

    And it’s cooler here in the summer than in much of the US due to the tropical breezes.

    I don’t miss the gray cloudy skies of the mid-Atlantic.

  15. Where I live in Kansas the weather is about as bipolar as it comes! In February, one day it was 90 degrees and then the next day we had a blizzard so big I couldn’t see where I was walking. The only constant thing about the weather here is that it will always be windy, every day. I agree with you on wanting to live somewhere constant and nice!

  16. I moved away from my my hometown because it was characterized by incessant rain! I loved the summers, but the nine months of rain I experienced annually depressed me like nobody’s business.

    I moved to LA for law school. I didn’t necessarily expect to come back post-Japan, but wouldn’t you know it? A year or two of rain was more than enough to help push me back toward the warmer, brighter City of Angels. 🙂

  17. It sounds like you want to live in Southern California, it’s a perpetual 70 degrees Fahrenheit here. When it rains, people panic, I kid you not. In the summer it can get hot, like 100 degrees on some days. But it really just depends. You’ll miss the seasons changing. But it’s not so bad.

  18. It’s quite sunny here in Arizona, but the summer months can be extreme. Your tropical photo looks VERY inviting!!

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