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Material girl

I feel in the need of treating myself to something special. This summer, I have no holidays plans so with that saving in mind along with the dullness of staying put (and probably enduring more rain), I think I need to buy myself a staying at home present. Yes I am trying to be logical about buying things for myself – it’s a gift!

I have a few ideas of what I should buy but thought I’d test opinion out on here to make sure my treat is the right treat. So over to you guys to vote for what my purchase should be 🙂

  • A new handbag –  I’m liking this Juicy Couture one …


  • A new piece of jewellry – my top choice would be an evening watch with some sparkles on it (I only have a black leather one) or some diamond stud earrings.
  • A pair of designer sunlgasses (I currently wear a £15 pair from River Island)

What do you think?



48 thoughts on “Material girl”

      1. I’m going on at least two this summer. Really, it doesn’t cost the earth!
        Actually, i’m going to cornwall too. But that’s a freebie holiday so doesn’t count!!

      2. the freebie one’s free cos we’re staying with family plus daddy gets his petrol paid by company. And my 2nd city break is rather cheap (i hope!) as am too going with dad so only have to pay for hotel….! x

  1. Handbag! A girl can never have too many bags 😉

    ( Also being of the 4 eyed variety sunnies are a waste of time for me..). Never wear a watch.. my mobile tells me the time.

  2. Go ahead and treat yourself!! I think you have some great picks there. I’m especially loving the purse! I think I’m going to treat myself to a new one too. Most of mine are black/brown and those dark colors are not going to work during the summer!

  3. What would bring you the most pleasure. I’m personally very rough on sunglasses, and don’t like wearing a watch unless it’s beaded like a bracelet. Now, purses? I’m a sucker…I’d go with the purse! I like the one you picked!

  4. I completely relate to justifying what your buying! I’ve done that several times, but I think your justification makes perfect sense! I personally would go with either the sunglasses or the purse! 🙂

  5. I wouldn’t get any of them.
    I never try to cheer myself up by buying stuff.

    I would take the money and buy an “experience” ~ a class, a day of museums and lunch, a boat ride, etc.

    1. I am worth “it” . . . but I don’t want “it.” 😀

      The more stuff we buy, the more stuff we have to take care of. After years of de-cluttering the “stuff” I bought in my younger years . . . the happier I am.

      Less is more.

  6. The purse! My only “but” is that I think you ought to by two of them, and send the second one to me. 😀

  7. Ooooohhhh the diamond earrings all the way. Whenever I am blue I go with diamonds, they’re an investment. I’ve had my studs for almost ten years, changed the settings once but they are a staple. Or get a necklace, if you are willing I would get a stone and have it set. I got one from Diamonds on the net, and you get the GIA certificate. GIA certs are nationally recognized authentication, so you’ll know what you get. It’s cheaper and you know everything about your diamonds. If and when (because all girls deserve diamonds) you do decide on diamonds let me know, I could give you pointers if you’d like.

  8. Get all of them!
    If you have to choose one, probably the bag will give you most use. Or actually invest in nice sunglasses, they add the glamour instantly!

  9. I love the handbag, and a nice new pair of shades always makes me feel better (unfortunately none of mine are designer). Actually all three of those items spark my interest as I love watches as well. 🙂 Nice choices!

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