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Be gorgeous today

Sorry male readers but it’s really tough being a woman! We have so many things to think about in terms of beauty – we expected to groom ourselves and work hard to look good. Nails, hair, make up, fake tan, plastic surgery, hair removal blah blah. This weekend I’ve painted my nails and toe nails and coloured my hair to hide the roots that are going grey (yes at 28 I’m going grey sigh) and it got me thinking just how many things we have to think about and how many ways there are to tweak nature to our own advantage.We are subjected to so many ideas of beauty that we’d go crazy if we attempted it all. There’s no harm in making the best of yourself but let’s try to feel satisfied with the way we are

So to any girls out there who have groomed themselves to perfection or are sitting pretty naturally we should all feel gorgeous today! . Here’s a themed Sunday Songs to give us ladies a boost!

Jessica Simpson – Who we are

Christina Augilera – Beautiful

TLC – Unpretty

Sugababes – Ugly

Alicia Keys – Superwoman

Have a beautiful day everyone!


31 thoughts on “Be gorgeous today”

  1. Thanks I needed those today. I’ve been feeling particularly unattractive lately (with weights stuck, my gray hair becoming more visible to me and various summer related bumps, cuts bruises and scratches all over the place–sigh).

  2. What a lovely post to wake up to…I love—let me repeat…love Christina’s voice. I wish she would sing, untranslated some beautiful Asian songs…They call for that kind of tearful. powerful voice.

  3. I am in serious need of a pedicure. I havent had one in almost two months so I think I’m gonna splurge and get one. Thanks for the TLC-I completely forgot about that song!

  4. Ha ha ha, funny you post that, today I look like a maid of a maid 😀 Frizzy hair in a ponytail, no make up, red nose, Sainsbury’s tracksuit bottoms that are hundred years old, old jumper… and chick Hunters wellies. Don’t feel beautiful at all.

  5. Oh Sweetie, you’re still a baby, those are just stress greys. I got a couple, can’t stand ’em. But you know it’s a pain what we have to do to look cute. Yay for women empowerment. Gorgeous us all over.

  6. I am 29, no kids, although I do have husband that can be a big kid. I see like 1 or 2 strands of grey. But stress can do that to you too. But I just get blonde highlights and you can never tell. Although I haven’t been in over a year. I think I need to make a trip soon. Great choices on the songs. :0)

  7. Ah Vix! I was just reading another blog before this, people arguing over black and white women and their features and who looks better in what, and I just want to scream “Who cares?!!!” We are all female and need the same encouragement and the same celebration! No matter what the outward appearance looks like, we are all women who undoubtedly share some of the same self-esteem issues!
    Bah! I am a fiery little ball right now, and need to eat some… you guessed it… chocolate. Thanks for the post, I feel better about my chipped red nail polish right now!

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