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Summer is here (um, really??)

It’s officially the first day of summer everyone yay! Unfortunately, the British weather didn’t get the memo as it’s grey and cloudy outside my office window boo! Looks like our early heat wave has jinxed the summer weather so far but finger’s crossed it will pick up soon.

I did a Google search for an image that would sum up the first day of summer, I found this one πŸ™‚

At least I only have a four-day week, I’m planning to hit the shops on Friday and rack up another summer present to myself, maybe the butterfly bag if I like it in person as opposed to just the online photo. And I just got paid today yay so look at our shops here I come!

Happy first day of summer guys, I hope the sun is shinning where you are!



28 thoughts on “Summer is here (um, really??)”

  1. YAY! I forgot today was the 1st day of summer!! Sun is shining here, but tomorrow it looks like thunderstorms, don’t feel badly. I love the flag bikini!

  2. It’s gray right now–even in L.A.!–but I suspect the sun will make an appearance this afternoon. If not, I hope it’ll rain. There’s something so soothing about that, when it’s uncommon. πŸ™‚

  3. We have a quite warm summer season in our part of the world,,,in fact it can get a little annoyingly hot at times but still I enjoy summers as it keeps you more active than winter.

  4. There’s nothing like payday to brighten up a grey day (oh good gravy that rhymed). It was overcast in the morning here and now it’s sunny. I personally don’t like the heat, I don’t like to sweat, I always feel so icky/ill when it’s hot. So I am willing to switch my 80 plus weather with you. Does it usually get hot by you? Because in July, August and even September it can get up in the 90’s and 100’s here. What I don’t get is how the people in Vegas are walking around in 100 degree weather saying at least it’s a dry heat, I know it’s different, but it’s still hot. OK, I think we’ve established I really don’t like the heat.

    1. Haha good rhyme! Wow sounds really hot there, no we seem to stick to 70’s at most really. When I went to Vegas it was about 100 but the air con in the casinos helps a lot πŸ™‚

  5. My mum reminded me it’s first day of the summer… my question is: WHERE???? summer is sun, hot, burnt nose and sun factor 50!!! Where is the summer, I ask????

  6. I love that pic!

    Our first day of summer (in upstate NY, USA) was glorious, but it’s been raining ever since. Hope your weather improved since you posted, and hope we clear up (and warm up) in time for a pool party in 4 hours.

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