A soapy habit

I have a confession to make I am a soap opera watcher. I watch two British soaps – Eastenders (gritty, depressing one set in London) and Coronation Street (more funny, set up North). I don’t watch them because I think they are examples of amazing TV, in fact most of the time I sit rolling myyes at the outrageous storylines – if those things happened in real life everyone would just kill themselves! No I watch them out of habit and the fact I don’t have much of an evening due to work so just crash in front of TV that requires no brain cells to watch.

TV is a really bad habit, one that I reach for when I’m tired or bored just to pass the time before bed. Often I reach for the TV remote instead of a book. Oh the shame! TV really shuts down interactions and conversation, the art of communication is dying as a result. Often I watch (yes okay I’m watching it) costume dramas and wish to go back to those times where there was no TV, where you had to pass the time socializing and having fun together.

I do feel I could be doing something much more valuable with my timestead fo watching characters scream at each other on screen all evening. Habits are hard to break though and when my energy is low I’m not motivated to break them. Maybe I just have no will power or I’m kidding myself and I’m really a soap opera fan eek!

Is there a habit you wish you could break? Do you watch soap operas and wonder why you bother?



30 thoughts on “A soapy habit”

  1. Yes. Hollyoaks. Although not so much anymore as we don’t have the tv in the new flat. I don’t get home in time to watch much of it, and frankly it does my head in. The actors are questionable, the story lines ridiculous and there is no village in the world where people are collectively that good looking. Yet I always put it on and watch it!!

    1. I put that on while I eat and try not to pay too much attention or I’d scream. It’s the worst show but I have kept up with it since it started too. Why do we watch?!!

  2. yes! I’m guilty of Corrie, River City, Waterloo Road… (actually, the last two are on once a week, so not too bad) and, errr, the one show at 7 at night… am i bad…?! But, I do try and watch documentaries and would like to get into shameless… (oh and watching 3 men in a boat is funny….!!)

    I know, I should start reading more. I want to read Case Histories and some “classics”…. *sigh*

  3. I used to watch soaps, but haven’t in at least fifteen years…except if you consider my one weekly primetime show “Grey’s Anatomy”…that’s not really a soap though.

  4. Hey Vix,
    I’m too addicted to the TV and I know I shuldn’t be. Real bad habit.
    I’m into the reality TV : Celebrity Apprentice, Top Chef Canada, The Voice, sometimes Survivor. I swear reality Tv has suckered me in.
    Soap opera…here in Canada, I like Y&R…my friend (originally from England) luvs Coronation Street.
    In high school, I was addicted to The X-Files. At least that was a “smart” show….now, I”m just killing brain cells with these reality things πŸ™‚

  5. TV is a thing that we can do when we don’t have enough energy to use our brain. When we are too tired to read or do something, TV is just something that allows our brains to rest. At least for me. I didn’t manage to get into English soaps yet but who knows, maybe one day…

  6. I too am addicted to television. I’ve been revisiting Buffy the Vampire Slayer all summer even though I know I have plenty of other things I could or should be doing. But, I hate the words “could” or “should.” Sometimes I simply need the down time that getting lost into tv brings. Sometimes I need it for weeks on end, so that I can pull myself out of the low cycle and achieve on the high. Soon my tv watching cycle will end and I will be back to reading and righting again (I hope).

  7. I rarely turn on the TV . . . unless there’s something I want to watch. πŸ˜›

    My favorite shows are comedies. I’ve never much cared for soaps. And when a good drama (like LA Law) is transformed into a soap opera about the characters instead of plot driven episodes, I change channels.

    It takes about 30 days to break old habits or form new ones. It’s hard work, but it’s worth it . . . after all, your freedom is at stake. πŸ˜€

    That said, we all need some down time from time to time. When I’m worn out, picking up the remote is very tempting.

  8. When I was a teenager, I loved the soap operas, probably because when you’re a teenager everything feels over-dramatic! But now when I watch them, they seem more like comedy to me. I still enjoy them for a good laugh or a way to relax and not have to use brain cells, as you said.

  9. I definitely watch too much television…however I save about 20min per hour by DVRing everything and fast forwarding through all the commercials. I watch one Soap Opera -Days of our Lives (NBC) but I usually just have a marathon every weekend where I watch all 5 episodes fast forwarding thru most of it so it only takes about 2 hrs. I also watch House (Fox).

    The Boyfriend and I together watch The Mentalist(CBS), Fringe(Fox) -we are about 6 episodes behind on this show, & American Pickers (History)

  10. Vix:
    I recently discovered Dr. Who. I have already seen as many as possible of the ones with Tom BAker. I watch “City of Death” over and over. Sometimes, I am not paying attention…do I need help?

  11. Girl, I am right there with you. I love to watch dramas unfold, and yeah I could be doing something else, but really if I wanted to I would be. I think there is also something to be said about us feeling the need to be productive all day all and then feeling guilty when we are not. It’s perspective I think, if you feel that it’s not productive then it’s not. The way I think of it as maybe junk TV, but also a way of decompressing, a way of allowing yourself some time to not feel pressure, just to relax. We don’t need to apply pressure to ourselves all the time, it’s unhealthy. Eventually it catches up to you. You need that time to be a little “brain dead” and you shouldn’t feel guilty about it.
    P.S. I loved Downton Abbey, what was it about that stoic Mr. Bates that was so gosh darn appealing?

  12. Oddly enough, I only like foreign soaps. Korean dramas are awesome, especially the one called My Girl. When we were in England a couple months ago, I couldn’t help but get hooked on Eastenders! I was so mad when we went off to Paris because I couldn’t watch the next installment πŸ™‚

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