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A life in magazines

Magazines have always been a part of my life. As a kid a magazine was a treat – something full of colours and fun things to do, something you got for being well behaved in the supermarket.

As a teenager, magazines were part of our culture. When I was a younger teen I was into music and used to read Smash Hits to get all the gossip from pop stars. As an older teen, I reached for more of the girlie ones. They were where we all went to for advice and to giggle over the problem pages. We sat on the grass at school leafing through them. We hid them from our parents in case they saw the sexual content in them. I remember one magazine More had a sexual position of the fortnight – very naughty! I used to read Bliss and Sugar mainly but also picked up Just Seventeen.

As a young adult, I moved over to celebrity magazines like Heat, Ok, Now to get my dose of gossip – who is with who and who has done something outrageous etc. I was the an expert on celebrity news and probably still am really although I use the internet more for my gossip now 🙂

Now I still read magazines. I’m more into fashion now and my magazines of choice are the weeklies Look and Grazia – I like the mix of fashion and celebrity news in them so I get gossip and tips on looking good! I’ve avoid the big fashion monthlies like Vogue, I think they’re overpriced and all the clothes in them are out of reach to most normal people. I buy these two quite religiously and miss them if I don’t manage to get them.

I’d be quite sad if we lost magazines. There’s something about flicking through the glossy pages, looking at the photos and getting an insight into celebrity life that I’m addicted to. The internet doesn’t give you that feeling and nor can an iPad. So I hope we don’t lose them. I can track my life through my taste in magazines and I hope future generations will be able to as well!

What magazines have you / do you read?


36 thoughts on “A life in magazines”

  1. I agree, I can’t do the whole reading magazines online thing. There is something I love about sitting down with a cup of coffee or drink and seeing whats featured this month.

    I used to be obsessed with celebrity gossip mags but realized that wasnt good for my budget. I now keep it to Food Network, Womens Health and People.

  2. I loved seventeen, even though I discovered it after that age…lol
    I agree, the computer screen takes away from the enjoyment of analyzing and commenting(usually to yourself) on the different styles.
    The best part of grocery shopping is waiting online and reading the adventures of all the super A list people and their scandals.

    Vogue—expensive, but classy

  3. I loved Smash Hits, Shout, Mizz, Bliss and Sugar when I was 12/13!! When I was 14, however, I moved onto Look magazine (not the look that’s around now) and when I was 16 I started reading Company and Marie Claire. These days, I’m most likely to be reading Red, Marie Claire or Woman & Home (yes, really!!). I hate gossipy type mags, apart from celebs on sunday, a bit of a guilty pleasure that last one is!! oh and I read style magazine from the sunday times, too! 🙂


  4. Magazines have come and gone for me… When I was growing up we loved BOP, Tiger Beat and a few others to get our fixes on our young, star crushes… but the magazines didn’t stay intact for long as we pulled out posters and cut out the pictures of our favs to hang on our walls. I did read Seventeen for a while but then didn’t touch magazines again until my latter 20’s; most of which are “crafty” magazines to get ideas from and catch up on the latest products and tools.

    I’d be ok without ’em… I think!

  5. I used to read Smash Hits and NME as a teen, but I haven’t read a magazine as such for many years! Foo’s the one for the gossipy mags 🙂

  6. I browse through magazines whenever the fancy strikes me. And, if Nathan is shopping with me, I make him deal with paying for the groceries as I get my headline fix. I admit, I am fascinated by the craziness of headlines in the trashier magazines. I can’t really name the ones I read or read (although I grew up with Teen and Seventeen) but I do think it is a true loss as magazines, newspapers, and books struggle in a world of modern technology. Computer screen images are simply not the same as glossy layouts and pages to flip through in joy or anger.

  7. I use to love magazines. I would read Seventeen every week, and some other ones. I only read them for about a year and never picked them up again. I would rather buy a book and read it, for some reason. If magazines floated off I don’t think I would miss it, unless of course I was bored at the cash register and needed something to look through 😉

  8. I like to kid myself that I don’t really read Us that often, but . . . when Ba.D. goes to the store, he brings me back a copy (unrequested). This makes me feel (a) a little abashed about how often I’d actually bought it previously and (b) delighted that Ba.D. makes it his treat now so I don’t “have” to feel guilty about it. 😉

  9. I love this post! The Mister makes fun of me because I purposefully sign up for magazine subscriptions. There is nothing than A. getting something special in the mail and B. Some glossy pictures and articles to browse on a lazy afternoon 🙂

  10. Oh I used to love magazines as a kid. I used to subscribe to 17 as a kid, and then Allure, Domino, and Lucky. I still pick up an occasional Instyle, Vogue, or Elle. But you know not as much. I find them full of ads and the content not so great. They’re thinner too. And of course some of that junk is so expensive and not really worth it. I think I go to blogs more now. But you guys have incentives, I am so jealous that your magazines come with toys. I don’t think it’s as popular as it used to be, and I thought that they would phase out here. But that would be sad.

  11. I agree. As much as I love the internet. There is nothing like reading a magazine. I read them cover to cover. Even the ads in between. I feel the same way about books. Now they have the e-readers and nooks or whatever they are called. I hope they don’t get rid of either.

  12. The only magazine I really got besides little kid ones when I was small is Seventeen. My grandparents bought me a subscription for it and I’ve been reading it since I was about 17, it’s not as trashy as it used to be and I mostly read it for the fashion and exercise tips! I couldn’t stand reading magazines on the computer! That takes all the fun out of it!

  13. I’m a magazine hoarder! I have years-worth of issues of Entertainment Weekly and Vanity Fair packed away in boxes. In the past year, I started subscribing to Rolling Stone – I appreciate good feature articles. When I lived with my sister, she subscribed to Cosmo, Marie Claire, Vogue, Allure and Lucky… so I would totally get my fill of ridiculous girl magazines w/o having to pay for any of them 🙂 I hate reading magazine stuff on a computer – I would much rather hold it in my hand. (Though, I am not a fan of the perfume inserts… when there are a whole bunch in one magazine and the scents don’t go together at all – yuck!)

  14. I love magazines too! Grew up with Teen, Seventeen, and Glamour! I subscribed to InStyle a few years ago, and would try to recreate some of my favorite outfits on a budget. Good times! Now I just have one subscription, Marie Claire, that my sister got me for Christmas.

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