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I am a lucky lady! Thank you so much to Sophia over at Raven Waves for passing me an award!

Please check out her blog, it’s fab – hugs and kisses Sophia!

And now it’s answer question time …

My favorite cartoon character is … I love Disney as you know so in terms of films it would be all the characters in Beauty and the Beast. A TV cartoon I used to love WAS Pinky and the Brain πŸ™‚

My favorite thing to photograph is

This was taken in Central Park New York – i love the city and this picture captures the autumn feel when I last went.

My favorite thing to cook is … Probably spaghetti bolognaise or steak and chips – good comfort food!

My favorite way to exercise is … Hmmm I’m not a big fan. Ice skating is the only sport I enjoy so let’s say that πŸ™‚

My favorite movie is … Okay this is hard. My favourites (I can’t pick one) are Back to the Future, A Walk to Remember, Easy A, You’ve got Mail, While you were Sleeping, Love Actually, Beauty and the Beast, The Matrix and clueless.

My favorite article of clothing is … ProbABLY black skinny jeans as They go with anything followed by my new handbag πŸ™‚

My favorite flower is … lily

My favorite breakfast is … eggs, bacon, fried bread and beans. Yum!

My favorite book is … Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen.

So as per the rules I have to pass this on. I find it so hard to pick out a few blogs as I love so many (see my blogroll for the full list) but I thought I’d pass it on to a few newer bloggers that I haven’t given an award to yet so here’s the list:

Deborah over at Closet Monster
All kinds of hungry
Mindy @ Finding silver linnings
Surrey Gal
Nancy @ spirit lights the way
Tori @ The Ramblings

Thanks for being fab bloggers guys – I hope you’ll accept this award!



39 thoughts on “Am-azing”

  1. Congrats on another well deserved award. I loved Pinky and the Brain, and the whole Animaniacs cartoon. And, not surprisingly, our movie list is similar as well.

  2. I know about the jeans…problem is after I spend the money… I say…did I need another pair…
    Try out these movies—The Road Home—Greatest love story of all time…may have to order from netflix…and Bell Book and Candle…I discovered this movie when I came here…It is so touching and I love the styles—1950s…but Kim Novak dresses and her hair is different than anyone else.
    I also discovered cartoons late in life…so I love them all

  3. Congrats on your newest award!
    I’m not fond of exercise either, and your breakfast sounds PERFECT to me!!!

  4. Beauty and the Beast is my favorite cartoon and one of my favorite movies! I got it on DVD this past year for my birthday which made me super excited! I also love skinny jeans and Pride and Prejudice! πŸ™‚

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