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The Host – an adaptation of Stephenie Meyer’s adult sci-fi novel is to hit cinemas in 2013 it’s been announced. Although a while away, I am excited to see what they do with this book but pretty nervous – if you haven’t read it tells the story of an alien invasion of earth where human bodies are taken over by alien souls. The book is really long and most of it is about two minds in one body talking – not sure how they will pull it off but I hope they do.

Movie adaptations of books are always difficult. Fans of the books want the story retold page by page but this is ever possible. What I like to see is a great vision of the characters and the overall arc and tone of the story to be left intact. The Harry Potter films were never going to be able to capture JK Rowling’s incredible detail but they have captured the tone and essence of the novels and brought the characters to life. The Twilight films have also faithfully kept to the tone and arc of the books and managed to sell the romance pretty well. Interestingly I actually prefer the films in one aspect – Bella and Edward’s relationship is more grown up and equal in the films – in the book he often treats her like a child but they toned that down in the film, which improved their relationship for me.

Some of my favourite young adult books will be joining Twilight on screen soon and whilst I’m nervous about how well they will be adapted, I am also looking forward to seeing them and I hope I’ll enjoy them as much as the HP and Twilight films. Here’s my picks to look out for when they hit the cinemas:

Fallen – based on the books by Lauren Kate and being adapted by Disney. We’re up to book 3 out of 4 and I’m really enjoying this series about a girl called Luce who has been cursed to die when she reaches her 17th birthday preventing her and her angel soul mate Daniel from truly being together. This lifetime though somehow Luce is still alive and she and Daniel must fight heaven and hell for their love.
The Mortal Instruments – based on the series by Cassandra Clare. The movie is in development with Lily Collins as Clary and Jamie Campbell Bower as Jace. These books have a really detailed world drawn in them and follow the Shadowhunters – a group of demon killers and their fight against evil and the supernaturals on the fringes of society called Downworlders. Jace and Clary are the star-crossed lovers caught up in the war against evil.
The Hunger Games – The adaptation of Suzanne Colllins is being written by author herself so I’m hoping this will be pretty faithful. The book is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi novel about Katniss, a sixteen year old forced to compete in the TV reality show the Hunger Games where participants have to fight to the death to win. This is coming in 2012.

Are you looking forward to any future book adaptations?


43 thoughts on “Books to films”

  1. great post! I’m not a movie lover so can’t really say…. however I didn’t really like the film version of PS I Love You – I had a great vision of the story in my head and the movie spoiled it somehow 😦 I prefer the Irish vision in my head, not the commerialised American version….


  2. I keep umming and ahhing about Fallen…. might have to try it – pretty engrossed with Penelope Fletcher and her Rae Wilder novels and Amanda Hocking has kept me glued to my Kindle for weeks now ( My Blood Approves set would make a good film ).
    I would love it if they turned any of David Eddings volumes into film.

      1. I will admit I only tried them to start because they’re so cheap via the Kindle… ( average of Β£1.50 per book )… they’re not published as paper books though – which is great because it’s so hard to get published yet there are so many fantastic authors who just need to be read and to be able to release stuff via Kindle is such possitive feedback.

  3. I agree with Mindy…and it seems we read the same things…but the movie is a let down…except for one…
    The Road Home—if you can take subtitles—this one is better than the book.


  4. I’ll probably watch them, but I rarely look forward to them. Of course, the big screen adaptation that I am most looking forward to this summer (that doesn’t come from a book) is SMURFS but that is just the child in me talking. πŸ˜‰

  5. Wow. This really gets me going! I am now starting to take notes on what books to read! I love reading the books than watching the movie. I always figure out if they go by the book or not. I, however, never read Harry Potter, but I did see the movies. As with Twilight, I read the books than also seen the movies. I now got to get in gear to grab these other books πŸ™‚ Thanks for the post!!

  6. No matter how many books get converted into the movie version, I still get lost in the book. May be it’s because my imagination scores more points than the visuals. And with movies, I do tend get engrossed in the cast and acting and some times, have to see the movie again to “re-live” the story. Books any day preferred. Most of my fav’ books have become movies. So far, Lord of the Rings was the best, though I prefer the book version any day. Need to put the Host on my reading list.

  7. Very often I read a book and I’m thinking: that would make a great movie. I can’t think of anything at the moment though, I’m rubbish with names and titles.
    I always prefer to read a book first and then watch a movie, never the other way round.

  8. It’s hit or miss really, and I think it depends on the team working on the film. I guess I am looking forward to the Hobbit movie, but I think it’s because Richard Armitage and Lee Pace are in it. So that’s just silly of me, don’t you think?

  9. I agree with you about Books –> Movies . . .

    People who read the books always want more to be included in the film, but we would all get “numb butt” sitting for that long. πŸ˜‰

    I agree with you about Harry Potter as well ~ they brought the characters to life and kept enough of the story intact. I actually enjoyed the rest of the series better AFTER seeing the first film because the film showed me what moving staircases, etc., looked like.

    Thanks for a great post, Vix!

  10. I’m intrigued by the sound of the Fallen books! As to your question? I’m looking forward to the movie adaptation of The Help. I actually didn’t enjoy The Hunger Games at all on account of its protagonist, but the story itself was really fascinating to me, so I suppose you could count me as excited to see if the actress can make Katniss more of a person I care about and less of a survivobot to me!

    Have you heard of Blood Red Road? I went to a YA book event last week where the bookstore folks said it was the natural progression from The Hunger Games, so I’m curious about that!

  11. I have a difficult time with movie adaptations of books… so many times they just fall short of expectation… Twilight (first one) was a very successful one I thought… kept the gritty feel of the book… the sequels just seem too glossy to me…

  12. I love films but I agree, in the end it’s one, or perhaps about six people’s take on the book whilst when you read a book you get an impresion that is unique to you. Capturing the tone is the best they can do. If I’ve read the book I always think, hell they;ve changed the plot or that did’nt happen. Thats why I prefer original screenplays but thats just me

  13. I was surprised by the news about The Host because I hadn’t heard much good about the book. But I’m hugely excited for The Hunger Games movie! And I’m way behind on my Mortal Instruments reading – but I have such a huge TBR pile that I think (I hope) I can be forgiven.

  14. I’m a reader and I love to watch movies. Some books are better than the movies and vice versa. I agree with the above Julia. I read the book P.S. I love you. I read that book in like 2 days cause I couldn’t put it down when I wasn’t working and taking care of other business. But I went straight to the book. I cried, I laughed, I enjoyed it very much. When I saw the movie I was very very very disappointed with it. The same thing happend with ‘Dear John’ I read the book first and it was great again I cried, laughed, and enjoyed it. Saw the movie and was disappointed (even though Channing is a sight for sore eyes) but disappointed. I’m glad I got to enjoy the books before the movies.

  15. Great post! I LOVED The Host when I read it, yes it’s long, but so worth it! Your post has definitely just put a smile on my face – learning that it’s being made into a film! Thank you, I’m going to go do a little investigating now! Rebecca.

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