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Old Skool

I felt really old watching Beyonce’s appearance at Glastonbury last weekend (on TV, I don’t do camping!) She did a Destiny’s Child medley and I got really excited telling my mum they were some of my favourites as a teen – then I realised they started out in 1998 – over ten years ago! You know you’re grown up when you remember music from your teenage years and a decade has passed. It’s even weirder to think Beyonce is just a year older than me. We’ve certainly took very different paths πŸ™‚

As she was then:

As she is now:

I’ll always have a soft spot for music I enjoyed when I was younger. Maybe it’s that music really spoke to me as I was going through issues and growing up and music was just part of that whole experience. As a teen, I was really into R ‘n’ B and was a big DC fan. I don’t really listen to new R ‘n’ B artists now but watching the concert has made me want to dig out my old tunes and add to my iPod.

Here are the R ‘n’ B songs from the 90’s that stand out for me:

Destiny’s Child – Bills bills bills

TLC – No scrubs

Brandy & Monica – The boy is mine

Mariah Carey – Honey

Jennifer Lopez – My love don’t cost a thing

Chante Moore – Straight up

Mya – The case of the ex

Toni Braxton – He wasn’t man enough

What other R ‘n’ B classics did you love?



35 thoughts on “Old Skool”

  1. o.m.g. love love love those songs! and yes I liked anything when I was growing up….

    oh and I don’t do camping, either! Bizzarely, I’ve got more older songs on my iPod than newer stuff (post 2000)…. apart from rock/indie stuff!


  2. Oh Girl, you’re a few years younger than me so I know how you feel, this sort of thing is bound to make us feel old. At least we didn’t have to grow up with Justin Bieber. Could you imagine, but I guess every generation had some weird boy who all thirteen year olds are in love with. My friend and I were talking about him, her step daughter loves him.

    I was into J-Lo, Ja Rule, Linkin Park, and the whole gang. Good times, good times.

    Oh I was going to tell you, sometimes grey hair is a lack of B12. Maybe your therapy will reverse the greys. Basically if you are lacking B12, it takes it from your hair and you lose pigments. At least that is what I heard. I’m crossing my fingers for you.

  3. No, no, no. I’ll tell you when you really feel old . . . when the music you grew up with has started playing on the oldies stations on the radio. Or, when this generation of young people discover a new band that has been around long enough that they seem cool (but you were there for the beginning). Or, when blogging buddies like you refer to “old” songs that were only a blip on your radar because you were no longer part of the music scene. πŸ˜›

  4. I love Toni Braxton. Through a friend I discovered a group from long ago. The Miracles and Smokey Robinson.
    I know they are not around anymore…but some of the songs….The tracks of my tears—OMG!
    PS: My friend’s grandmother was humming the song when I first heard it…lol

  5. It is so funny how music effects us. These songs were popular when I was working at a music store and automatically makes me think of the friends I made there. Some good times!

  6. I totally feel you. As you know from my blog yesterday. I never thought that I would get older and have to refer to something as a classic. I’m not ready for that yet. :0) BTW I love all those songs. Man how the years go by. Why did I want to grow up again??? :0)

  7. Oh my goodness, I loved (and still love…) the songs you posted! I was all about Destiny’s Child when I was in high school. “Say My Name,” “Jumpin’ Jumpin'” and “Survivor” frequently could be heard blaring from my CD player. Also I was way into En Vogue (“Don’t Let Go” was my jam πŸ™‚ ). I still listen to all of this music all the time… it just doesn’t get old (even if we do…).

  8. Funny, I felt the same way when I watched the concert… and I couldn’t believe their early songs were THAT long ago, seems like a couple of years… Gosh, thanks for the post, I’m feeling old now!

  9. All these songs bring me back! Some of my favorite R&B songs from back in the day are “All Cried Out” by Allure, anything by Boyz II Men, “All My Life” by KC & JoJo, and I can’t forget “Try Again” by Aaliyah!

    …now I want to have an old-school evening where I listen to all of these and pretend it’s summer break.

  10. The collection you posted here are all my favs too Vix!! Beyonce has come a long way and she deserves her success. She has such powerful vocals and so energetic in her performances, love her music πŸ™‚

  11. Awesome song choices! Yep, you’ll always remember where you were when you hear music from that particular era. Time, time – where does it go?

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