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No strings attached

I watched the film No Strings Attached at the weekend. The rom com staring Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher is a breezy fun film that tells the story of two friends who decide to have a casual relationship but ultimately realise there’s no such thing.

I really don’t believe relationships like this work. Someone always gets hurt in the end because we’re human and we can’t just switch off our emotions. Casual encounters are never as good as meaningful relationships and even though we may pretend otherwise, most of us do want to be loved and pursuing a casual relationship will not bring contentment. Whilst I’m happy being single, I don’t pretend that I don’t want to find someone special one day and I know that a casual relationship just wouldn’t work for me – I’d rather have nothing for now πŸ™‚

Do you think a casual relationship can ever work for both parties?


31 thoughts on “No strings attached”

  1. Casual and relationship do not mix. By definition, relationship means commitment…casual, means…”who cares?”
    In relationships such as these, one person wants to have a greater involvement with the other person, but has to follow the other(don’t give two s_ _ts about them) person. It is an excellent way to get great material if you want to write a heartbreaking, soul destroying and no respect for yourself love story(or non-love story).
    When a person tells you” I don’t want to get serious, let’s just be casual,” it means…they want to get serious, but not with you and you’ll do till that person they’re looking for comes along.
    PS: Did I express my feelings?

  2. I wouldn’t call it “casual relationship” but shag buddies instead. Whether it can work or not – I don’t know. I think you may be right that sooner or later one of the persons will get attached and start caring more than the other.

  3. I would never do a casual relationship. Never.
    I’d much rather have a man who’d be with me forever and would never roam… πŸ˜‰


    p.s. I finally have a sample of my new song on my blog if you want to check it out! πŸ™‚

  4. I don’t think they can ever work. It’s unfair to both parties. I think people try them because they only want sex and not a real relationship, with all its troubles and responsibility.

  5. I did have one ‘Friend With Benefits’ when I was in my 20s and it worked ‘okay’ .. for a while, however he wanted to continue after he found a girlfriend and I wasn’t having any of that. In theory it’s great to have that option, but in reality, you’re right. To say or believe that there will be no feelings on either part is just not realistic.

  6. My vote would be no. One person inevitably develops feelings for the other and it doesn’t bode well. I know that some people are able to turn off emotions and making intimacy meaningless, but the great majority cannot.

  7. I think some relationships are casual by nature, it’s like renting versus buying. Both parties come in knowing “the terms of usage”. But it’s short term, it is not meant to last. And I think one has to get out before it becomes a situation. Isn’t that what people call flings?
    I personally am a romantic, so in my heart this is not a set up that I would want. But if it works for someone else, then so be it. It’s better than lying to someone and saying that it’s a real relationship when it’s really just a sexual agreement.

      1. You know I was thinking about the exact same thing. Sometimes the romance thing makes a relationship seem impossible, you know most men are not truly romantic, they just play along with us. Vix, I am going to ask, and you don’t really have to answer, but are you a bit shy?

      2. I’m not sure why I thought that, but for some reason I thought that maybe you were a bit of that shy violet type. Whoopsie πŸ˜€

  8. I expect that a no strings relationships could work . . . if both people were committed to the idea of non-attachment.

    Perhaps two Buddhists? πŸ˜‰

  9. I love love love Natalie Portman, she’s so pretty and talented. Casual or open relationships are definitely not for me, like you said, I can;t simply switch off my feelings like a computer. But I do know of people who does this. Always amazes me how they handle it.

  10. There are probably a couple of people somewhere out there in the world who would genuinely enjoy this arrangement and want nothing more. And when I say “a couple,” I do literally envision two.

    If you’re hooking up with someone, there’s something about them you find attractive. You know how people feel about things they find attractive? They want more, and more, and more. Not less.

    I gave this a shot once. It’s easy enough to see now I suppressed everything I actually felt to make it work on the hope he’d “come around any day,” but that’s far from how it happened! (Thankfully!)

  11. I sure don’t think it would work for me, either Vix. I’m like you, would rather just hang around for the right thing to come along. I’ve been meaning to catch this movie, thanks for the reminder!

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