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£154 million? Yes please!

Tonight the Euro lottery has a jackpot of £154 million! I can’t even begin to imagine what it would be like to win that much money although some of us at work are buying a ticket just in case 🙂

We talked about what we would do if we won that much money and were divided between giving up full time work or carrying on. personally I’d give it up and take time to travel and write. If I won the jackpot here’s what I would spend it on:

– A house – it would be big with a lovely garden maybe a swimming pool and definitely a cinema room. I’d probably have my main house in England but would be tempted to get somewhere in the sun too.

– a car – I’m not a massive car fan but I would splash out on something cool.

– Some super holidays. Places I’d like to visit are: Florida, LA, Canada, South of France, Italy, Hawaii, Caribbean as well as going back to NYC and Vegas. And I’d go first class five * all the way! Right now I’d like to go somewhere like this:

– Shopping – I would of course splash out on some goodies, I wouldn’t be able to resist!

– And to start with I’d have a few glasses of this (and probably faint!):

What would you spend it on?



23 thoughts on “£154 million? Yes please!”

  1. Lil Miss Everything:
    If you win…remember those who love you…ok?

    PS: Hey! I just realize…I love you

  2. Hmm. Well, I’d definitely take some vacation some, and finish paying for college so I don’t go into debt.. And get some new clothes and music. Also a car, not even a flashy one, just a car so I could drive places!

  3. If I won that much money, I would buy a slightly bigger place ~ for all the freeloaders who would want to visit. 😉

    I would also set up a charitable foundation to help deserving people get “back on their feet.”

  4. I’d definitely donate money to various charities and organizations that are for causes I support. But, I’d also travel and get some stuff for myself too… like a movie theater. Some pretty pretty purses. And I’d build a room where the entire floor is a trampoline. Also, I would see every Broadway show from the orchestra seating. 🙂

  5. I think I’d do about the same. I would buy a home somewhere nice, and secure a few key items (Tiffany’s here I come) and give myself a travel budget and invest the rest. I think I would try and start a business.
    I hope you win LOVE, fingers crossed.

  6. Pay my barely-not-six-figures law school debt, pay my siblings’ debts, set aside everything Li’l D could reasonably use for college, buy a house, set aside some for my next cars . . . and go travel! Travel, travel, travel! YEAH!

    I hope we get to hear about everything you’re doing with your money, versus dreaming of doing with possibly-your money 😉

  7. nice post! it keeps us dreaming! i buy a lottery ticket once every 6 months, and it gives me few days of day dreaming each time (never won anything though!)…I would:

    1. visit all my friends abroad (at least in 10 different countries!) and stay in beautiful hotels each time!
    2. Visit my Grand mother in Denmark every 3 months (i live in Beirut!).
    3. Save a 3rd of the money (read once that Angelina Jolie uses 1/3 of her money, saves 1/3 and gives to charity 1/3).
    4. open my own shop selling Danish design combined with a small coffee shop
    5. open accounts for my kids (for their studies)
    6. buy a summer cottage somewhere in europe
    7. give the rest away….

  8. damn, noone won last night…
    if I won that amount of money, I’d get 3 houses: one in London, one in the Scottish highlands and one abroad…. I’d have accounts for my kids (if I ever have any), build my own recording studio, give some to charity & to veggie organisations…..
    and then save the rest of it! 🙂


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