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Luck be a lady

Well guys I didn’t win the jackpot, actually no one did but I did win £5 so maybe I’ll put that into the rollover on Friday 🙂 I rarely gamble and rarely do the lottery or enter competitions, mainly because I don’t consider myself a lucky person. I know you can argue it only takes one win but I just don’t feel in my bones I’d ever win anything amazing.

More generally I’m always unsure of my luck genes in life and love. I feel like some people breeze through the world whilst I have to push myself really hard to achieve things. But in the long run maybe I’m better off this way. Whatever success I achieve in life I’ll know it’s because I worked for it and not because I just “got lucky”.

Lisa over at Women Wielding Worlds talked in her last post about a life worth living and I really want to live that goal alongside her. I moan a lot about my life sometimes and the lack of luck I have but what I need to do is focus that energy and drive myself to reach my goals.

Maybe the saying winners make their own luck is true after all so I’m going to try to do that because only I can make my life the way I want it to be. Who needs luck when you’ve got ambition!

Do you consider yourself as lucky? Does luck really exist or is it about hard work?



33 thoughts on “Luck be a lady”

  1. I’ve definitely not considered myself a lucky person most often… the K. Chesney tickets I won last month are seriously the only thing I’ve ever won; had an absolute blast at the show on Saturday!!!. BUT, Two days before the concert, I lost my job of 8 years…. So, ya I would consider myself to be pretty unlucky. However, I am reminding myself that there is much I have to be thankful for even though I don’t have the job right now… I have wonderful friends and family surrounding me; I have a roof over my head (for now! lol) and have my health (for the most part!) ; I am alive! So for those last few things, I AM lucky!!! I think it’s all about perspective….

  2. I do think luck exists, but I feel like luck is generally a small proportion of all the good things that happen in life. Most of them are attained through concerted effort . . . hopefully with a healthy dash of luck!

  3. I think a combination of both luck and hard work. I’ve gotten “lucky” by working hard and in return getting opportunities, but then I’ve had flat out luck like winning a few prizes here and there.

  4. Luck is something that floats around in the air. It can not be explained. I will not bore you with details, but how I even am here to write this is amazing.
    I believe in luck, but never plan on it.
    No one is unlucky…only lacking luck.

  5. I like to say that I am blessed. Blessed with good health, lovely people around me, a great husband and adorable children…I was only 5 years old when war started in Beirut and it lasted for 25 years. Bad luck? well, i have loads of war memories but the Good luck part is that we never lost health or lives in that war, so yes, i feel Blessed.:)

  6. I’ve never really won anything, so I thought of my luck as nonexistent. But when I think about all I have, I do feel lucky. Sometimes things don’t go my way, but the people in my life and the fact that I am comfortable is really luck/blessing. I also think that success is a blend of effort with a bit of luck. I guess I regard luck as the things that I have no control over.

  7. Well, I’m a bit surprised to have to tell you that I did’nt win the jackpot either. Am I lucky. Well, I’ve never had a spellbindingly amazing moment when you can wow etc but I’m not that unlucky either so who knows

  8. I’m not lucky in the sense of winning lotteries, but I do consider myself lucky in that I’ve got a good career and I’m pretty content. Honestly, I equate “luck” to “blessings from God.” 😉

  9. Vicky,

    I know that I have been jealous of lucky people in the past, but the reality is that sometimes what I perceive as luck does not bring them any true joy. Yes, life is not always easy, but the joy of a job well done is so much more powerful than something handed to you on a silver platter. Of course, I wouldn’t turn down a gift of financial gain, but I know that in the end the things that will mean the most in my life are the ones that I earned. I’m glad you are joining me on the goal of a life well lived. I think you are in for one incredible life. Hugs.


  10. I never won anything. I sent hundreds of crosswords solutions and never anything! I’m not lucky in gambling, in love not lucky, there must be SOME luck for me somewhere, right? 🙂

  11. Nice entry Vix! Nope, I dont consider myself to be very lucky, things done just happen, I usually have to work for it. But I can say I am fortunately enough because I know if I put in my effort, it usually pays off. I know of people who really just can;t catch a break, no matter how much effort they put in. Luck has got something to do it I would say….may 30-40% 🙂

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