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Hiding from the stress bubble

I am trying really hard not to get too stressed about work but it’s there perched on my shoulder threatening to cover my eyes with its darkness. I hate giving in to the feeling. It doesn’t help that I’m off to a work event for the next few days so I can’t escape and get some perspective. Instead I’ll grit my teeth, smile and gulp down a glass of wine 🙂

And imagine that this is me …

Any tips of breaking out of the stress bubble?


46 thoughts on “Hiding from the stress bubble”

  1. Oh yes.. I’m there with you – I must admit the other week I took myself, Brian and Poppy off to the Spa for a few hours of enforced quite floaty time… 1st time I went I resented wasting my time and found it really hard to relax. This time it was perfect, just what I needed, relax time where I couldn’t think about work. It helped me through these past few weeks where I’ve been drowning amongst end of financial year and the biggest deadline of a monster multi million pound job we’ve been preparing for. I feel for the builders who now have to price the thing 😉

    Hope you get to find some relax time and unwind soon… it’s not healthy you know.

  2. Music is what usually helps me out when I need to decompress and try to get away from the stress. Maybe try taking a relaxing soak in the bath with tunes playing?! Worth a shot, if you can!

  3. Okay, that picture ROCKS!!!! Yep, music helps me chill out, for sure. Mostly long bike rides and runs help me de-stress. Throw in a bit of chocolate and I’m golden. 🙂


  4. 1) great photos
    2) stress @ work? Urm, take some time out either by taking a walk, then work out the options. Normally the best things to do is to take a deep breath. Everything will be OK. 🙂


  5. Stress can be releaved with a good nights sleep, a walk in nature, good food and wine, half an hour of total relaxation and doing nothing, a good movie…your brain needs to shut down for a moment, needs to be fed by good stuff…good luck!

  6. There are lots of tried and true methods to lowering stress and cortisol levels, including:

    Meditation * Music * Laughter * Gratitude * Sipping Black Tea (poolside?)* Chewing Gum * Exercise * Getting enough sleep * Massage * Present Moment Awareness * Volunteering * Nature walks * Spiritual Practices

    Be Here Now. Don’t load everything into your wheelbarrow at once. Let go of the past. Laugh when you can.

  7. When I’m super stressed (which is, like, all the time of course), I put on some loud music and have a solo dance party. I actually just got done with one while I was cleaning my house – some Pink, Glee and old school Mandy Moore really did the trick today 🙂

  8. I usually take me a glass of ice flavored water and go sit outside, the birds singing, cars/trucks rolling up and down the highway in the distance, wind is blowing through the trees as yellow leaves fall to the ground, or listen to music, when I am stressed. Great photos! Loved them.

  9. Prolonged bouts of stress is never a good thing. I think I used to stress eat, which is not so healthy. The walking is a good idea, it can be a good stress reliever, maybe take your ipod with you and listen to something relaxing. A glass of wine is good too. They’re all good standbys for stress. Or even a funny movie, it can take you away from the stressful environment and you release endorphins when you laugh, which is good for you body. As long as you can take yourself out of that situation (mentally at least) and let yourself relax. That will be the key to your stress release. Ugh, your job is sounding more and more stressful (I am concerned), again I say take good care of you my young friend. You are the most important commodity you have. 😀

  10. Distance yourself from it all. Remember, what makes us unhappy or stressed is thinking about the past or worrying about the future. So stop, and think about now. Now, at this moment, you are probably ok, it’s what’s happened or may happen that’s bothering you.
    So try not to worry or predict, just enjoy the five minutes of NOW. And then think what’s bothering you and what solutions there are.
    It may sound very metaphysical but you know I’m not like that at all so it works (tested on myself 🙂 ).

  11. I find that if I try to spend sometime away from God’s other creation from the Garden of Eden…my stress is relieved.
    And oreo cookies and chocolate milk does wonders

  12. Haha, this was what today’s (unplanned) TMiYC entry touched on. For me? Making lists of things I can and can’t do, then doing what I can and letting go of the things I can’t.

  13. Try exercising. I stress a lot even over the littlest things. And as much as I don’t like to exercise, I do and it helps. (sometimes depending on the problem) In the words of Elle Woods – ‘Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.’ But everyone is different. Maybe you should try everything and see what suits you. :0)

  14. Stress relief – I think you’re off to a good start with that glass of wine. I’ll tell you the thing that has always helped me – a nice warm/hot bath. A lot of people think it’s a pain to run a bath, I don’t. The way you feel after soaking in a bubble bath for about an hour (with the lights off and a few candles lit) is priceless. That nice glass of wine should balance on the side just fine. The tub where I live now is basically way too small, and I miss my baths!

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