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The next best thing to being a radio DJ

As you may be aware, every Sunday I do a post called Sunday Songs where I share my favourite music of the week either new discoveries or old favourites I’m in the mood for. A comment on this week’s post from Lisa over at Women Wielding Words kick started an idea for a new page ion my blog. Lisa joked about creating a Little Miss Everything playlist and I thought yay good idea!

So I need your help please. I’m going to set up a playlist page on here but I need to know what kind of playlists you might be looking for e.g. Sundya morning for when you’re reading with your coffee, a party mix or maybe tunes to help aid writing. I will do my best to cover all your wishes! I’ll let you know when the page is up and running.

Over to you …



30 thoughts on “The next best thing to being a radio DJ”

  1. I’m a tad behind when it comes to listening to stuff on the pc ( as a general rule I have it muted all of the time – that way it can’t shout at me when I’m doing something it doesn’t like ).
    As for music again I’m a bit boring, my favourites at the moment are, Eliza Doolittle, Ellie Goulding, Caro Emerald, Jason Mraz, Bruno Mars.. The Script… Mumford and Sons… I think it’s to make up for ‘his’ musical tastes which are bizzarre at the best of times ( unless you’ve actually heard of such things as the Bonzo Dog doo-dah Band? )

  2. Michael Kong Leung…you may not understand the words…but his work is a must for writers of weeping, slobbering…just plain sad…love stories

  3. I think your three ideas sound about perfect. Oh, one more, a playlist to help with cleaning the house! I’m glad you were inspired by my comment. I look forward to reviewing your lists.

  4. Wonderful Idea! On Sunday’s Im usually looking for something relaxing to chill to after a long weekend of working at the market, but I am always on the look out for new workout music. What ever you pick will be good with me. I have found some good tunes through your sunday posts πŸ™‚

    1. Oh, I second that. Or at least exercise tracks since I don’t run. I am trying to get back into walking, but the mix of music I had with me today didn’t quite do what I needed. πŸ™‚

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