Thank you for all your playlist ideas the other day. I’ve been looking into a way to publish the playlists on here, hoping to create a page for just that. Unfortunately the best software to use ( is not available for UK users as yet – boo! And I’m thinking sending you to endless Youtube links will be really annoying. So to cut a long story short for now I’m literally going to list the artists and songs that make up the playlist and then you can collect the ones you want from iTunes / Amazon or Youtube for a listen. And hopefully soon I’ll work out a better way to do it or please drop me a comment if you have any advice.

So please head over to the playlist page for this week’s pick – chill out songs. I hope you enjoy them!

Happy Friday!




15 thoughts on “Playlists”

  1. I like a lot of your picks. I have to keep checking for updates.
    I’m working on a playlist for cycling. It’s taking forever because I can’t just sit down and think of songs. I have to hear them play, or be reminded of them in some way.

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