Staycation nightmates

Holiday day 1 – get on train to go to Brighton at the coast. All trains are cancelled due to burst watermain so end up stuck in London on one of hottest days of the year.

Day 2 – go to a stately home in Surrey. Arrive to find the house is closed as it is every Monday and Tuesday, something I failed to spot on the website.

This holiday is not going well!

Have you had any holiday nightmares?


41 thoughts on “Staycation nightmates”

  1. Nightmare! London in a heatwave is not nice! Hope you got to Brighton in the end?

    Worst holiday nightmare was when I was a kid… big brother knocked himself out on the caravan door, twin took the skin off his leg falling off a roundabout, mum kept shutting her thumb in the door of the caravan, dad ended up with a fungus infection all over his feet and me? I was fine except when doing a race I colided with my friend and he broke his collar bone – all in France. We’ve never stayed in a caravan since!

  2. Oh no. Hope your holiday improves.

    How’s this for nightmare: Stuck in a train station in Toulouse just before midnight (when it will close), because no trains are running due to a strike, with a one year old. 7 years later, we can laugh about the obnoxious station manager who refused to acknowledge that I was speaking to him in his own language and completely ignored the fact that we had nowhere else to stay, despite the 3 pretty young things who’d been allowed to sleep on one of the trains stuck in the station. Vive la France.

  3. How about visiting a place and having a “secret policeman” follow you?
    No kidding… turned out ok

  4. Oh yeah, I went to Vegas with a girl who was supposed to be my best friend, along with her letch boyfriend and weird disney cult friends. I was isolated (they kept talking about disney in this creepy way) and miserable that and her boyfriend kept trying to touch me. There were a lot of weird and horrible moments, but nothing beats him going to the hospital because his lung collapsed because he went to the smoke filled casino, even though he knew he shouldn’t. Extending the Vegas trip from hell by a day!!!!!!!

  5. Oh no! Hope things start looking up!

    I went to the beach once with my dad, little brother and his friend.
    We lost the friend. Then found out he was on the lifeguard boat.
    Got him back, and then we went to eat lunch.
    Turns out while we were searching, our lunch box got stolen. My dad’s car keys were in it.
    It wasn’t the best holiday.

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