London’s burning

London is currently in the midst of night-time rioting. Thankfully my place of work in North London hasn’t been too badly affected and I live outside the city so haven’t seen anything first-hand and hopefully won’t! Watching it on the news and reading it in the newspaper, it’s shocking to see so much chaos and destruction. And pretty scary too. It gave me goosebumps just hearing about it.

The riots started after the police killed a man in Tottenham and a peaceful protests got out of control. The violence has spread throughout London with opportunists and criminals taking advantage and destroying whole areas. Looting is a big part of the problem too. Everyone is calling for the army and water canons to be used as the police appear to be losing control.

Hopefully the streets will become peaceful again soon but the lasting effects could be severe as massive clean-up jobs are needed and the Olympics loom on the horizon.

Have you be affected by the riots? How do you feel about them?



34 thoughts on “London’s burning”

  1. This is so sad. My step mother his from Hastings. Her sister lives in London. This all just hurts my heart. I’m glad you’re not near it. Be safe, my friend!

  2. Luckily, I’m not near any of the affected areas. There were rumours that something had occured in Leeds, but they have only been minor incidents. Nothing on the scale compared to London, Birmingham, Bristol and Liverpool. I’m infuriated quite frankly, this violent behaviour has no excuse, and can not use the death of Mark Duggan as its excuse anymore. It’s appauling! I hope you, your friends and family are okay. I’ve literally just written a piece about it before I came to your site! Rebecca

  3. god its scary. my colleague lives in Croydon and his friends home and business was destroyed last night. he lives over the shop. im disgusted that gang mentality means that people lose their accountability. its getting closer to us. they need to just send the army in and be done with it, especially as they have now run out of cells. stay safe chica xxx

  4. I haven’t been directly impacted by them, and I’m glad that you’re not greatly impacted by them. Also? Argh. :/

  5. This is so scary…I do not mean to repeat the obvious…but this is so horrible…
    hope you are safe?

  6. That is scary, but I think it tells you how frustrated people are. You know that cliche “tensions are high” I think that it applies here. And it just set the people off. Just last month a group of Fullerton Officers beat a homeless man who subsequently died. There was a group of people who witnessed it, as it was done in a very public way. The officers were supposed to be put on administrative leave but were just sent to other departments. It’s clear that they are killers and many people are outraged. And I just heard that the DA’s office cleared the officers. It’s really frustrating.

    But in contrast I remember the LA riots, I was just a little girl and I remember going into my backyard and seeing the sky turn red. Everyone was outraged at the beating of Rodney King and how the jury had not found them guilty (it was a mistrial). It began with people in the streets saying “no justice no peace.” But lasted for six days people were out looting, killing, setting fires and assaulting. It wasn’t about justice anymore. The marines came in. It was a bloody mess. And Rodney King lived, so I wonder where is the riot for this poor homeless man, beaten so brutally by police, and who’s murder will not be accounted for. I don’t think the people of Orange County feel the need to riot, while the country is outraged they are more concerned with getting their botox done. I know that’s not everyone, but it’s a good percentage. Ugh….
    Be safe, and I hope that it ends soon so the repair can begin.

  7. So very glad to hear you are not being affected by these sad and scary events… You and Laura were the first I thought of upon hearing of the troubles that were occurring over there. The closest thing I can relate to such events were the riots that occurred in relation to the Rodney King incident… I was in no way, shape or form near them and was mortified at the sights and sounds on the news and articles I read in the paper. I pray that peace comes quickly! xoxo

  8. I am just really glad that you are safe. I have friends in London that I lost touch with a few years ago. I have no idea how to find out if they’re okay. Anyway, I hope this all ends soon.

  9. urgh, the riots make me feel sick. Why would kids do this in this day and age? Kids these days are just after the latest labels, the latest phones just to be “in”. Where’s the respect gone?

    I just hope this ends soon! I will be touching lightly on this on my blog in the next few days (not today though, am busy so a pre-prepared post will appear)! x

  10. I’ve seen some news about this the past several days – I hope it clears up soon! Rioting never seems to have a positive ending.

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