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On my week off a book caught my eye on the shelf – pink, embossed and all about being glamorous, I snapped it straight up!

I love old school glamour, Hollywood stars of the past with their red lipstick, alluring eyes and long silky gowns. Marilyn, Audrey, Bette, Katherine … this books tells you how to be like them. Well, kind of. It’s actually quite tongue-in-cheek and gives plenty of secrets that these ladies indulged in to be so glamorous – wearing no underwear crops up a lot πŸ™‚

I do wish that modern life wasn’t so much about jeans and t-shirts now but that we did pay more attention to how we look, speak and walk and inject a bit more glamour into everyday life. I love the idea of having a vintage style look but would lack the effort needed to pull it off. I did attend one black tie event once and curled my hair, wore a glitsy dress and red lipstick and got a lot of attention. I think it’s nice once in a while to push the boat out and sparkle like Marilyn.

Tips I’ve picked up from the book:

– Before you can convince others you’re attractive you have to believe it yourself (M. Monroe)

– There’s no such thing as an ugly woman. There are only those who have not realised their full potential (Arlene Dahl)

– Eat more pasta (Sophia Loren)

– Fashion fades, only style endures (Coco Chanel)

– Create a trademark like VB’s Hermes Birkin or Cindy Crawford’s mole – suggestions a piece of jewellery or hair style or quirky bag

– Always drink out of a glass

– No open mouthed kissing in public

– Be adorable on the inside – listen, remmeber birthdays, write thank you cards, give compliments and keep eye contact

– Don’t speak in a shrill voice

– Don’t use coloured eyeshadow in the daytime

– When all else fails smile (Elle Macpherson)

– Give your hair a champagne rinse a la Greer Garson

– You don’t have to be rich to be chic (Doris Day)

– Descend a staircase like a movie star – pause at the top for a few seconds, people will look to see who you are

– For a marriage to be a success,every woman and every man should have their own bathroom (Catherine Zeta Jones)

Do you ever long for some glamour in your life?




54 thoughts on “Be adorable”

  1. You don’t have to be rich to be chic (Doris Day)

    That’s absolutely true! I actually had a conversation today with one of my colleagues on dressing classy on a budget. Many believe that it’s the price tag which makes you look sexyfab, not realizing that their most priceless accessory is CONFIDENCE.

    Great post! Will be ordering that book!

  2. Fun post Vixter. I love old school glam too. I take a lot of cruises and one of my all time favorite parts are the formal dinners that they have where you actually ‘dress’ for dinner. Love it!

  3. This post came at the perfect time! I’ve been wanting to glam up my house (but living with a boy makes that a iffy compromise). So I’m on the hunt for elegant pieces and giving away all of the college-y posters and knickknacks of my teen years.

  4. This post is so Mindy-liscious! This is such my outlook on enjoying life. Relish in the small things, be a good person, and take pride in yourself. I sometimes get ridiculed by my friends because I wear dresses and always wear makeup. Do what makes you feel happier in your own skin. As Marilyn said, “I don’t mind living in a man’s world as long as I can be a woman in it”

  5. I could probably stand to read this book a few times! It is pretty easy to slip into the sweats & t-shirt look after having a baby. My standard of glamorous is probably a lot less glitzy than pre-baby!

  6. I don’t enjoy playing dress up (not even on cruise ships), but there is some great advice in the book:

    – No open mouthed kidding in public (your typo made me chuckle)

    – Be adorable on the inside – listen, remmeber birthdays, write thank you cards, give compliments and keep eye contact

    – When all else fails smile (Elle Macpherson)

    S.M.I.L.E. ~ See Miracles In Life Everyday! πŸ˜€

  7. LOVE this post! I feel exactly the same way you do. My boyfriend wears a shirt nearly every day and I usually wear a dress or a skirt because we just love putting effort into looking nice everyday and are quite old fashioned in that sense (no wearing jeans or tracksuits to lectures for us), and about our home. too So many times we have had discussions about wishing that some old social manners hadn’t died like thank you notes, writing letters (I write loads but most don’t reply with a letter but phone, text, on Facebook), serving proper coffee, always having homemade goodies to offer guests when they pop in, dinner parties, pretty paper/card invitations instead of Facebook events and texts, the list of social graces is endless! But style is a definite biggie and I too love to style my hair, make up, clothes, my whole style on these very classy ladies. I almost died of jealously when on one episode of How To Look Good Naked, Gok transformed a woman to have a Breakfast at Tiffany’s style portrait. I have popped this book on my wish list.
    Katie xxx

  8. I love this! I completely agree with you! Very rarely will anyone see me in public in just jeans and a tshirt! It drives some of my friends crazy that I’m always slightly dressed up but I feel it’s important to look your best as often as you can! You never know what’ll happen in your day! That being said, when doing yardwork or something, I’m clearly not dressed up… Or when lounging around the house! πŸ™‚ I definitely am going to try some of these tips to be more glamorous! πŸ™‚

  9. Nothing beats an amazing woman dressed in classic style….all of the great names know that if you want to be beautiful in any setting or lure a man, dress like you mean it and dress in a classic fashion…men love a woman who makes that effort…


  10. I like Coco Chanel’s “Fashion fades, only style endures”. That says it all for me. Look at all those famous stars – they all had style – and we still love to see it today!

  11. Aren’t these all the hallmark of a stylish woman? She’s not trashy and self assured. I think that is what makes us women, our inner elegance.

  12. Personally I don’t really care about glamor. I dress up when the events call for it, in my spare time I just wear jeans and a t shirt. I have a girlfriend so I don’t feel the need to constantly try to impress strangers with my looks.

  13. I wish I had a little more glamour in me. I do try, especially on dates and special occasions. I picked up a similar book called “Simply Irresistable” by Ellen T White about unleashing you inner siren. You might want to check it out after you are done with this one πŸ™‚

  14. Yes it would be nice to get dolled up and feel glamourized :] I stumbled upon your blog from Mindy’s FSL blog today. I really enjoyed looking around. We are pretty similar and that’s neat. I like this post a lot. You have good music tastes. Check out my blog…I write about music, scrapbooking, family and my views. Hugs- Sarah

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