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Bargain loser

I am completely hopeless at getting a bargain. I’m so envious of people who jet off on their cheap holidays or who come back from a clothes sale with a pile of great finds. Everytime I search for something I usually end up paying full price or buying the more expensive version of something as I like it better or it’s in my size or I just give up like I did a couple of weeks away and stayed at home for my holidays instead of researching an amazing late deal.

I actually think being good at spotting bargains or not depends on your environment growing up. If you’re around a thrifty person then you’re usually great at it because you know all the tricks, the best places to go or you’ve just inherited the bargain gene. Unfortunately my mum is just like me. If we walk into a shop with a sale we inevitable walk out quickly usually because it’s so hard to search the racks being jabbed by elbows and tripping over stuff on the floor and because they usually only have really small or large sizes of anything decent.

I’m not even good at going into cheap clothes stores like H & M and Primark – I find them overwhelming and poor shopping experiences. However, I recently went into the first UK version of American store Forever 21 in Oxford Street and got pleasant surprise – although everything is reasonably priced, it’s well laid out and the store itself is large and well air-conditioned. Of course, it was busy and I was in a hurry but I’ll pop back another time and maybe manage to get at least one bargain πŸ™‚

I don’t know why I struggle so much. Unless it’s handed to me on a plate like a money off voucher in a magazine or a friend downloading a 2 for 1 restaurant meal deal, I just don’t bother. Maybe I’m just useless or too lazy or I do lack a bargain finding gene.

How good are you at finding bargains?


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28 thoughts on “Bargain loser”

  1. I was made for bargain shopping! I almost always get good deals…probably because I will wait (most times) and make my purchases when things have been reduced.

  2. It sure depends what mood I’m in when it comes to bargain hunting. If I’m prepared and ready for the elbow knocking and rack searching, I’m all about the bargain. Otherwise, not so much, but for me that means I won’t even shop. Period. I’m weird that way LOL!!

  3. I love Forever21! On the flip side, I am a horrible bargain shopper. I want to wait, think about it, go back and buy something, but by then the sale is long gone! I end up paying full price for “thinking” 😦

  4. I’m equally rubbish in finding a good bargain. Actually I’m completely oppositite – trust me to chose the most expensive of items on offer (without knowing the price before).
    It can’t be about environment, my mother is a great bargain hunter, so is my sister… I can’t do it.
    I never heard of Forever21, have to investigate!

  5. I pride myself in finding good deals most times. Quite simply if it’s not a good deal, then I usually don’t buy it. Clearance items are my arch nemesis… I find myself buying things, even if they are not a complete necessity just because they are so cheap and know that I kind find a use for them eventually (I haven’t done this for some time since I’m still not working though!). Most of the time I am searching for deep discounts on frames and products for mt crafty endeavors. The best being really ornate frames with a price of 19 cents. I bought every one they had… too bad they only had 10! I would have bought 50 if they had them!

    I do find myself lacking in patience for rummaging through disorganized and disheveled racks. I have to be in the mood for occasions such as those.

    Do not despair my dear. Bargains will come your way somewhere along the line. πŸ™‚

  6. I don’t shop much these days, except for food. I’ve found that not shopping is the best bargain tip eva! πŸ˜‰

    We also have a tiny entertainment budget these days so I look for FREE dates.

    This Friday, we are going to an art gallery opening of a show by the Highwaymen. A bluegrass band, State Road 64, is playing. Refreshments will be served. The cost is FREE! πŸ˜€

  7. Oh I L-O-V-E Bargains, they are the best!!!!! I find it hard to pay full price. I think I was born shopping, we have a family of shoppers. My Mom and I are all about a good deal. I think that I taught her a lot too. I just feel weird about paying full price when if I put in a little effort I can get a sale. It may be easier for me to do here though. I mean we get sales a lot of times here that’s a U.S. thing only, and I can get stores to honor them. It may be a different atmosphere here. Also I’ve had to source things for companies so I have to be good at negotiating pricing. I think it has to do with the way you approach it. It can be a bother and I can understand someone not wanting to deal with it.

      1. We’ve got Walmart, but I love Target. And if you have a Target card you get 5% off everything. It’s not a lot, but it adds up. Also I am into my rewards points. I know that a lot of our brands do sales. Like Bobbi Brown does 20% off each year (it used to be 25%), MAC did it one year too, 25% off MAC, can you imagine. And Saks does two storewide sales 25 or 20 maybe now off everything (excluding big designers) and then 10 percent off all their make up lines. Of course there’s all the Fall sales. They go on in the summer, and you can presale with your rep so there’s no pushing or shoving involved. Or you can have it shipped to you. And you are saving money. I love TJ Maxx (I think it’s TK Maxx by you). It is just so easy to save money here. But maybe the prices were high to begin with.

  8. I’m a straight up, hard core bargain shopper. I always shop the clearance and sales racks first and always try to have coupons for discounts if I’m going to go to a store.There’s something about the rush of getting a good bargain!

  9. I love shopping the clearance racks at department stores – but I’ll only do it if the place isn’t crowded. Definitely not around Christmas, and weekends are usually out too! πŸ™‚

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