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Saturday Shopping and Sunday Songs

Yesterday I hit the shops and got my first Autumn clothes haul – all in Gap surprisingly. I got two light jumpers in blue and tan, a pair of dark blue bootcut jeans and a black and white scarf.

I also went into TK Maxx and across the shop a bear caught my eye. Yes I’m 28 and I still have some cuddly toys in my room, I think I’ll always have a soft spot for them! Anyway, I went over to this bear who colour coodinates with my room – brown and cream. He looked like a reject bear – his eyes are lop-sided and his stuffing feels too thin. I couldn’t help but pick him up – he was Β£4.99 and was just calling to be taken home! I promise I’m not crazy πŸ™‚ Anyway here he is …

Any ideas what I should name him?!

Okay here are this week’s songs that I’m loving, enjoy!

Charlie Simpson – Parachutes

Will Young – Jealousy

Leona Lewis – Collide

Don’t forget to check out my playlists on the music page!

Have a lovely Sunday!



17 thoughts on “Saturday Shopping and Sunday Songs”

  1. Bear name: Latte (You are not crazy for having a bear. I’m 23 and if i found a cute one I’d get it.)

    Nice clothes :] I especially like the jeans and scarf.

  2. I’m oddly excited about going shopping for autumn clothing. Boots and sweaters and other cozy things, yay! I’m sure I’ll be singing another tune come winter!

  3. Cuthbert!

    Nice jeans…. we went shopping on Saturday for Brian …. I am now going to ban myself from looking around The House of Frazer due to needing to have a substantial lottery win.

    (oh and nothing wrong with teddies – I’m over 40 and have 2 )

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