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The end of summer

I read in the newspaper today that this has been the coldest summer for many years and it did not surprise me. Any pretence of summer has faded into grey and breezy days with the promise of autumn ion the air. The trees are starting to turn orange already. Sigh. Autumn means back to school time. Everywhere I look are deals for stationery and school uniforms. I remember those days well – you’d arrive back after the summer and all the boys would have grown by like two foot and everyone seemed much older. I used to wish those school days away but now I wish I could back – school was far better than work!

I’m reminded by these lines from one of my favorite films You’ve Got Mail:

I love New York in the fall. It makes me want to buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of sharpened pencils if I knew your address

It really felt like autumn on Sunday when I went shopping and got my first pair of boots of the year. I knew I had to buy them when I saw them as they all sell out and I have to admit I do prefer autumn outfits – I more of a boots person than flip flops for sure and my pretty impressive collection of scarves can come out of the wardrobe.

My only disappointment in seeing the turn of the season is thinking how quickly this year is flying by and that Christmas is fast approaching eek!

What do you like best about autumn?



28 thoughts on “The end of summer”

  1. …and to think today’s only 16 degrees in London town! Really, really cold (although I’ll be eating my words come December!)

    Every year I wish I was going back to school, but then I think about the bullying and the fact that I won’t be earning a penny… then I feel much happier that I’m not going back to school!!

    I do love it when the leaves are turning, which is what’s happening now! Where the hell has our summer gone…?!


  2. I’m alarmed by how quickly the summer is ending. It was so cold out this morning that I had to dust off some of my sweaters. But boots! I am SO excited to go boot shopping this year!

  3. I guess by the time it does get here, I might be ready for it. I just dread what comes after it – cold weather and bare trees! lol 🙂

  4. Cooler temps always made me sad ~ so we moved to Florida. Now, I welcome fall with open arms because I know that winter won’t be around for long. 😎

  5. Vix…. I must tell you, it’s still hurricane season in the tropics…I dearly miss autumn and in fact, i will be going home this year for Christmas… most people come my way during that time, but it’s been years since I have felt the blast of cold on my weather-beaten cheeks…

    Life is good however…no worries… generally there’s one season here…always sunny sometimes we need the cool weather to bring us back to center… awesome post!

    Oh my favorite part of Autumn? Snuggling…camping…bonfires!


  6. It’s hot over here right now. Been having a heat wave. Funny thing is it’s super hot in New York. It always seems to be hot/warm at the beginning of the school year. It doesn’t cool down here till October/November. But I love Fall the most. I love bundling up a little (it really doesn’t get cold here) and coming home to make a hearty stew or something else yummy. At nights I make a bit of cocoa with marshmallows. There is something so comfy about all of it. So I love Fall!!!!! I guess it’s about the food and cute clothes for me.

  7. The email exchanges in You’ve Got Mail are just wonderful. It is one of my favorite movies! It has gotten a tad bit chillier here in NY post Hurricane Irene… a true sign of the end of summer…*sigh*

  8. Firstly I loved the “You’ve got Mail” film. Brilliant. don’t tell anyone Isaid so. I’m a bloke after all. secondly after a really hot Easter the summer has been dissapointing, and now winter beckons. Time for gloomy thoights and a cup of tea. Oh well under 100 days till Christmas

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