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Simple things

It’s not often you have a reflective moment watching Gossip Girl but this week I did. Watching my series 4 boxset, there was a scene with Dan and Blair curled up watching a film and falling asleep together. I realized how much I miss simple things like that when you’re with someone (although in the shop they are supposedly just friends at this point). I think there are a lot of times in life when you think big, you go for your dreams and you make for important goals but sometimes we miss the pleasure of the simple things, the everyday moments that make you happy or content or that just make you feel alive or loved.

Here are my favourite simple things …

* Curling up on the sofa when it’s raining outside and watching a good film
* The feeling of satisfaction and sadness as you turn over the last page of a book
* A hug with someone you love when you feel down
* A mug of hot tea on a chilly winters morning
* Climbing into your PJ’s and dressing gown after a long day at work
* A soak in a bubble filled bath
* Lying under a soft warm duvet with nothing to have to get up for
* Listening to your favourite songs
* Laughing long and hard about something
* Stepping outside on a sunny day and looking up at a clear blue sky
* Holding hands with someone you love
* A photo of a cute animal

What are your favourite simple things?




34 thoughts on “Simple things”

  1. I would have everything you listed exactly as you said! You nailed my faves too. I would add ice water before bedtime, doing facials or hand massages with your girlfriends, watching a thunderstorm from the porch, walking through the marsh, anytime spent in a hammock, wine and cheese, and walking along old railroad bridges.

    Glad I stopped over. I keep a journal and always at least 5 things I’m grateful for each day, and all the ones you shared have made their way in.

  2. My favorite things? Pretty much everything on your list. Looking forward to going home for a long weekend–in just a few short days! My little guy laughing, and saying, “Tickle, again!” Actually, pretty much anything involving my little guy, who can’t possibly be so close to two . . .

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