Searching for inspiration

Last week, I was full of blog post ideas but this week all my ideas seem to have shrunk and I’m stuck in the middle of a brain drout.

Part of the problem I think is my head is full of stress regarding my unfinished novel. It is in the process of revision and I hate this process. It’s like cleaning, something you want to put off but has to be done. I am excited about what I’ve written and I want to get it out there but first it needs a good seeing to! I find it really hard to make myself sit down and do this, almost like my mind can’t process that it’s still part of writing. It’s hard to turn on your writing brain when you’re writing muse / motivation is failing you.

This reminds me neatly of a documentary I switched on the other night. The subject was Jane Austen who I love madly. I arrived at the programme during a part that dealt with the most intriguing part of Miss Austen’s life in my mind. Her time in Bath.

Although much is unknown about Jane Austen’s life, most historians agree during her years in Bath her writing stopped. She apparently disliked the city so much; she became depressed and abandoned her books. It was only when she moved to a new home in the Hampshire countryside, that she picked up her writing again and managed to publish four novels. It’s amazing that an environment change could have effected such a talented writer but I do sympathise that life can get in the way of writing.

Unfortunately, not many of us can write full time unless we’re a successful writer and that means we have full time jobs or family responsibility that eat up into time when we could be polishing our masterpiece. We have to write alongside our daily lived and it can be tough to fit it in. Sometimes I literally struggle to have the energy or brain power to do anything in the evenings let alone whip up the next great novel or indeed a brilliant blog post.

But I do need to stop blaming everything around me or waiting to be in that right mood. I need to encourage myself to write more regularly, to set myself smaller goals that work my way towards completing my novel and not stress so much so that I lose my love of writing. Because even though Jane Austen struggled for a few years, she came through it and produced my favourite books and if that isn’t inspiration, I don’t know what is.



35 thoughts on “Searching for inspiration”

  1. Life gets in the way of life. I know that feeling! I have days when the mothering, the cleaning, the this or that just fries my brain. The best advice I can give is to take a step back, whether that’s a few days not writing one thing or just a few minutes to decompress. Inspiration always comes in waves and it won’t always be high tide!

  2. You’re on the right track if you know you need to set some goals for yourself. A big lesson I try to remember is not everything you write will be good, but as long as you’re writing, you’re making progress. If you’re looking for ideas, I really recommend checking out the posts from the Life List Club. We’re a group all about setting goals and supporting one another to achieve them. Next week friday will be our first 3 month milestone party. We’ve got about 13 contributing writers and many more members. Maybe outlining your goals and making a page where you keep track of them will help you keep your focus. Here’s my page if you want to see an example. http://jesswords10.wordpress.com/the-life-list/ Whatever you do, I wish you well. And DON’T STOP WRITING!

  3. Oh writer’s block, how I hate you. I have so many unfinished stories and a novel that I’ve been beating at for some while. I’ve found that whether or not I feel inspired, I need to just do it. I now have set aside certain hours where I make myself write. Even if it’s crap, to just do it and revise it later.

  4. Oh dear, I’m sorry I totally didn’t re-read my comment. I’m not an actual idiot! I meant to say “I love Jane Austen as well, I plan on reading Emma soon!” Also, good luck with the novel you are writing. I try to think that the reason why your brain gets stuck on things is because it is actually a beautiful idea just festering up in there. Although sometimes I’m too frustrated to think that positive. πŸ™‚

  5. Wow, I am just stuck on the fact that you have written a book, and can start the editing! That’s amazing! Maybe you could try planning for some “writing vacation”, just do something completely different for a few days, guilt free… everything seems so much harder when we have things looming over us and at times we just need a short mental break so that we can re-emerge energized πŸ™‚

  6. Well if you’re around Bath this weekend you’ll find hundreds of people parading Bath in full period costume in memory of her.
    I do think peace and quiet is needed to really get into writing though and no matter how lovely Bath is as a City it’s virtually impossible to be left alone to think.

    Hope you find your Muse soon xx

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