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Friday Finds


One Day

I went to the cinema with a friend to see One Day. I had read the book and didn’t fall in love with it, I just didn’t take to the lead male character Dex and I didn’t like the ending. No, I won’t spoil it don’t worry! I was interested to see how it had been developed on screen and how the characters were brought to life.

I actually enjoyed the film more than the book. Oh yes I haven’t gone crazy! I liked how the developed the characters and I found them more endearing on screen and the timeline worked really well and you could ‘see’ the era better and what the characters did in that time made more sense to me. They kept the ending of course but it seemed more uplifting on screen. I have to note that Anne Hathaway’s northern accent is not good, half the time she just talks like a posh Brit and then suddenly adds in a word with a Yorkshire twang and a couple of times sounded cockney. Bless her, she does well in the role thought, they should have just let her speak with an easier accent.

Overall, I’d recommend going to see it. Maybe take a tissue with you though 🙂

Melanie C – The Sea

I haven’t really kept up with Melanie’s solo career after the Spice Girls and she’s had limited success. I was surprised to see a new album up on iTunes with lots of positive reviews so I checked it out. I’m actually loving it. It’s full of lush melodies, a mix of pop / rock and the whole sea theme works really well making it a consistent album full of surprises. Well worth having a listen, good job Mel!

What did you find this week?



18 thoughts on “Friday Finds”

  1. Does it count if I’ve refound something? I rediscovered the driving CDs I made for my move back to L.A. in early ’08, and it’s been such a delight!

    I know I’m in the minority, but I didn’t like The Hunger Games as a book. This was primarily because Katniss felt empty to me. Ba.D. and I both agreed that we’re very much looking forward to the movie, where a living, breathing human being will infuse Katniss with real not-just-survival-mode spirit. I loved the story, after all–so my hope is the movie will bring it to life in a way I can love all the way!

    I felt that way about The Girl Who Played With Fire, actually. The book was a bit long-winded and roundabout, whereas the movie tied up a lot of loose ends more succinctly/neatly.

  2. Completely agree with you about One Day. I had heard such good things about One Day but I wasn’t particularly fussed when I read it. I did enjoy the film a lot more too, except for Anne Hathaway’s accent.
    Katie xx

  3. I found DROPBOX thanks to my cousin and am thrilled with it! I can store some of my documents in “cyber-space” so that if my computer crashes I don’t loose all my documents. AND you can share documents and folders with people…. Super cool!

    I’ll have to give Mel’s album a listen! 🙂

  4. I actually liked this book a lot (One day). I got it from my ex, as a surprise present. I wonder why he gave it to me, and also whether his new girlfriend introduced him to it…
    I didn’t know there is a movie, I’ll watch.

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