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Autumn colours

A large proportion of my wardrobe is black especially for autumn / winter and I can usually be found wearing jeans. So I went shopping on Saturday and decided I needed to brighten up my wardrobe this year. I’ve always stuck to black or blue jeans but these stood out to me in Topshop and I thought they would be a fun way to inject some life into my outfits:

Then I spotted a scarf on a mannequin in the window of River Island and snapped it up. I love the fact it has three block colours so will go with lots of different outfits plus it’s soft and snuggly, just what I need when the weather turns chilly.

Throw in a trip to Nandos and an evening watching Doctor Who and X Factor and I had a great Saturday πŸ™‚

Do you tend to stick to certain colours / items of clothing?


32 thoughts on “Autumn colours”

  1. I’m a black / grey / green / brown / red / cream girl myself along with many pairs of jeans, my newest addition was a pair of beige cords which remind me of the seventies! Nice scarf though and I love those burgundy jeans!
    I do love all the new russets that are in fashion this year – so much so I’m spoilt for choice!

  2. First of all I need to say that I love Nando’s!

    Most of the times I’m also sticking to some certain colors. Usually everything dark- black, dark purple, dark red are my favorites. But recently I have started to wear also other colors… I usually get many clothes as gifts and all are surely not such kind which I would buy myself but I get many compliments from others. πŸ™‚

  3. I love basic black (head to toe) when it’s cool out. In the summer, I like tropical colors ~ green, yellow, pink, turquoise, etc.

    Scarf looks FAB. Enjoy the brighter jeans.

  4. Ba.D. teases me for this, but I love having tons of colors in my closet! I tend to sort the clothing in order of most recent wear so I can figure out if I’ve been leaning one way or ought consider adding more of on color to my wardrobe, etc., which led me this morning to realize I’m going through what Ba.D. calls my “blue period.” :p

    Before I moved to Los Angeles for law school, I wore almost exclusively black, brown and white, excepting on game days. I think the color craziness now is making up for all of that then!

  5. Blue jeans, girl, I live in my blue jeans! LOL. But I did get some different styles. I have my go to skinny jeans I throw on with cowboy boots and I have a pair that looks like tweed fabric and I match that with my fall sweaters. I love fall and cozy sweaters. I just hate knowing winter is around the corner.

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