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Stuck in the slog

A friend of mine has recently moved back home close to where I live and has got a two day job near where I work. I have received a few texts from her moaning about the journey and disbelief that I’ve managed to do it for so long. I’m actually pleased to hear someone say what a struggle it is, vindicating my years of slumping into my train seat and sleeping and turning down week night invites so I can crawl into bed. It’s official – commuting is tiring and it SUCKS.

For now I’m putting up with it because I have a good job with no time to find something new and no plans to move into London, I’d rather stay in Surrey thanks. Plus as you know I’m working on making my fantasy job of being an author come true and that takes up all my spare time and spare brain capacity. But it has got me wondering about the future and how long I can keep slogging it out Monday to Friday. It has been a challenging week all round and that makes me feel even more down about my situation and a bit anxious about what’s going to happen in the future.

But I’m trying to stay positive and focus on my goals and not let life get me down to much because there’s no easy path for me to take just yet and I know compared to so many people around the world I’m really blessed with what I have.

How do you stay positive when you’re having a bad week?



24 thoughts on “Stuck in the slog”

  1. Staying positive is sometimes a job in itself and it manifests in me in different ways. Sometimes I have a good cry, or write in my journal (focusing on the positive!) to get perspective, and if all else fails, eat chocolate and retail therapy.

  2. I feel from you on the commute thing. I recently took an hour and twenty minutes to do ahalf hour journey. Sometimes I have spent over three and a half hurs travelling, never mind the job and , yes you are right. It is sapping. You have a way of engaging people which you show all the time. Just believe in that and don’t let anything get in the way of persuing you goal

  3. I give myself pity party time, and play Sade’s King of Sorrow. By the time it’s over, I have to put on my big girl pants. Then I play whatever music I feel like until I can play a nice, happy, peppy song.
    Writing is great too. As is a nice quiet walk, bike ride, and/or shower.

  4. My roof is leaking…I know that has nothing to do with commuting, but my drive to work is about 2 minutes, thankfully.

    Two winters ago my house flooded like 3 times. So when the floor was wet from the roof leaking last night, I nearly lost it. I decided that it wasn’t going to make one bit of difference in the big picture, and I needed to put on my big girl panties and fix it. So that is what I am doing.

    I have moments when I want to just break down and lose it, and I still might, but right now, I am just trying to think positive and know that I am on the right path even if it has big freaking boulders in the way of the smooth sailing πŸ™‚

  5. I count my blessings by making a list of things that are going right:

    I am NOT in an iron lung.
    I have two arms and two legs with all digits attached.
    I can walk, talk, sing, dance, and LAUGH.

    Usually just focusing on what is working blocks out the less savory bits and I end up smiling.

    Life is easier when we laugh.

  6. GREAT post. It does get tough. With the ups and downs of the writing journey, it’s easy to get discouraged,

    To get through those times, I lean on my faith, friends, family. They are my rocks! πŸ™‚

    Hang in there, my friend!

  7. The dreaded commute! Normally I spend 2 hours a day doing this ( hence my total love for my kindle ). I suppose the only time I get irritated is when I get caught in the suicide rush which can make my commute last for hours. I’m used to not getting a seat, I don’t like people with rucksacks, I’ve almost learnt how to ignore the irritating phone conversations people have ( I really don’t want to know what they did last night ). It sucks during the winter period when it’s so cold and the trains are delayed due to staff issues… positive out of it all is my train journey hasn’t run on time since before May so I’ve had a 5% discount on my train pass for the past 5 months!


  8. Its known fact that if you want to achieve something it doesn’t fall from heaven and you have to have hard work to achieve success… but of course you can’t go like a zombie without inspiration… Try to find inspiration and refreshment to your mind.. You can do it! Don’t give up! πŸ™‚

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