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Acceptance speech

<a Lots of thanks and kisses to my blogging buddies Conchsaladesque and Megan @ Maggie Maes days for passing me a Versatile blogger award! Please pop over to their blogs and check them out!

I have received this award before but I’m not about to refuse glory so I accept the challenge of writing more facts about myself. Actually, I think I’ve exhausted most of my facts (I’m really not that interesting) so I’ll use the seven numbers to discuss seven of my favourite films. Here we go!

1. Favourite childhood film:

I love all the Back to the Future trilogy but the first film is the best in my book. The films sum up my 80’s childhood and they are cracking adventure stories and who doesn’t want a time travelling car right?!

2. Favourite romantic comedy:

For some reason I never get tired of watching this film, it’s just a cute film – yes predictable but cozy and familiar, something to curl up and watch when I want to relax and smile.

3. Favourite weepy:

This film is based on a Nicholas Sparks book (I also love the adaptations of The Notebook and The Last Song) and his stuff is usually guaranteed to make you cry. This is completely corny but I fall for the love story between bad boy Landon and Christian good girl Jamie every time. The last scenes are really moving but it has an uplifting feel to it.

4. Favourite book to film adaptation:

When I read Twilight no one in the UK had really heard about it and I stumbled on an article about the film adaptation and was surprised there would be a film. Then the books exploded and the film became a huge hit and rightly so – it’s a rare adaptation that not only captures the essence of the book but actually improves some of it. The relationship between Edward and Bella in the book sometimes ventures into father / child relationship territory but the film made the relationship seem more equal and believable.

5. Favourite film series:

I love the Harry Potter series – each film gets better and better and captures the tone if not all the detail of the amazing books. It’s great to see so many talents in the British film industry take part and I think everyone involved can be really proud about what they achieved.

6. Favourite teen flick:

I was obsessed with Clueless when I was a teenager, it’s a fun film and I would kill for a Cher sixed wardrobe and computer programmed outfit choices. I could probably quote this film line by line!

7. Favourite Christmas film:

I love Christmas and that means I love Christmas themed films and this is one of the best (closely followed by Muppet Christmas carol), filled with laughs and love all with a festive glow, it makes me feel ready for the season.

What are your favourites in these categories?


26 thoughts on “Acceptance speech”

  1. My favorite film series is definitely Star Wars. My favorite childhood film… The Secret of NIMH. Congratulations on your award! You deserve it. 🙂

  2. I love your film choices! I also loved the very first Back to the Future the best. It seemed most magical out of them all. Spielberg is brilliant in his own right! I don’t think I’ve ever seen Love Actually – I’m going to check that one out soon. 🙂

  3. 1. Favorite childhood film: Secret of NIMH (early), Batman (later)
    2. Favorite romantic comedy: Love Actually 🙂
    3. Favorite weepy: Oh, hell. Just one? Philadelphia
    4. Favorite book to film adaptation: The Fellowship of the Rings
    5. Favorite film series: Lord of the Rings (surprise!)
    6. Favorite teen flick: Is it OK to go with Clueless just because I can’t think of any others I like at the moment?
    7. Favorite Christmas film: Love Actually 🙂

  4. Congrats Beautiful, and that’s a creative way of tackling the list. I love “When Harry Met Sally”, I kind of feel like “You’ve Got Mail” was trying to capture that magic.

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