Whilst organising who I want to summit my manuscript to and sorting out the submissions they require, I am struggling to think about great blogs and I’m being hard on myself about that. This got me thinking about how much we’re expected to multi-task in life and how much we criticise ourselves when we can’t handle it all.

At the moment I’m juggling a full time job with trying to get my book published and running this blog. This means my social life is suffering. Other people though add in running a house and family into the picture too. Modern life is full expectations and pressure and I wonder if it’s driving us all crazy. It must certainly dilute how good we are at everything. The more balls we juggle, the more likely it is that some areas will suffer as a result or that our mental health and happiness will. Or both, of course.

I do think the pressure to multi-task falls more heavily on women. Men tend to argue they’re not good at it. Women generally have to combine work life with family life, taking on more responsibility for the house and children but still often working as well. Plus I think we tend to be harder on ourselves to be perfectionists, to do it all and get it right. We are really tough on ourselves when we feel we are falling short. We wonder if everyone is thinking that we’re not good enough.

I think it’s a shame that so much falls on our shoulders. We need to take some time out and relax a little. I need to stop being so hard on myself and look at all that I have accomplished. I need to focus on a coupe of things and do them really well and trust that everything else will fall into place soon. I basically need to chill out a bit and give myself a pat on the back and not a stern talking to 🙂 And I’m guessing a few of you out there need to do the same.

Do you stress about multi-tasking? Do you force yourself to juggle too much?



41 thoughts on “Multi-tasking”

  1. Listen to your words and give yourself a break. Then divide your days, so that you are focusing on one task at a time. Incorporate in your schedule at least one quality break, where you treat yourself well, even if it just sitting with a cup of hot tea and watching the world go by. You don’t need to accomplish it all in a day. Life isn’t worth it if you don’t enjoy it.

  2. I also tend to multitask and work too hard to do too much. I think we all need a break; however, I also think feeling productive and doing tasks we enjoy contributes to our happiness…so it’s a fine balance, I think.

  3. I understand. It’s difficult to maintain a blog seven days a week and write and submit to other places while working full time.I used to write two blogs seven days a week. I post on the poetry when I feel like it and my main blog five days a week. This week I’ve decided to cut it to three or only when I feel like it. Sometimes we just have to prioritize…unless we can figure out a way to get more hours in a day without losing sleep!

  4. I do it all the time. I just do things in baby steps. Hopefully something will work out soon!

    p.s. if you could forward onto me your email list for manuscripts, then please do, I’ve gotta get my arse into gear and get my novel off the ground after a few months’ off – i.e. pretending I’m a fashionista when I’m clearly not!!


  5. Yeah. I’ve learned to say no, that’s for sure. IT’s not fun saying no to things, but I’ve let myself get too underwater committing to too many things. Write on, my friend.

  6. Oh my gosh, I could totally relate!! I’m on vacation right now and I’m realizing how better I feel. How rested and alive. And granted, life isn’t always one big vacation. But why can’t we have a bit of time to rest every day? I mean, we have one life to live. Why do we have to work it away??

  7. No one can “have it all.” Every choice we make precludes other choices.

    Life is full of individual choices that everyone, male or female, must make. We must decide for ourselves where our priorities lie.

  8. Yes & yes. It seems our brains are always on go, even if we’re sitting still doing nothing. I have to write myself notes (to-do list) on things or else by the end of the day, I’ve forgotten and kick myself for it. My blog isn’t even a month old and I’m already thinking I should be doing more, writing more. Pressure Pressure. I need to find that balance of feeling like I’m accomplishing things, but not being stressed out about them either.

  9. Surprisingly (for me, anyway!), I’ve become much better about not getting everything done in the face of parenthood. I spent the first couple of months constantly in tears and fretting I was effing up everything, until I came to a point where I realized I had to give up something or have a nervous breakdown. I gave up cleaning and embraced just having fun from time to time. That doesn’t mean I don’t still have other stuff to do–I’ve got plenty! I’m just better about not beating myself up for it now that I’ve got a little guy to think about as well.

    I agree about women and multi-tasking. I’m trying to involve the man of the house in much more stuff, but it’s slow and awkward. We’ve had many a conversation about how it’s not fair for all household/child tasks to fall to me by default, and there’s fortunately been some (albeit slow) progress. I’m delighted with each step, and I do agree with the response I’ve gotten: “But you do it so well! And I don’t do it up to your standards!” I’ve had to accept that when things aren’t done by me, they won’t be done I would’ve done them, and be OK with that. As well as asking instead of assuming it’s understood I don’t totally love and/or want to do whatever task it is at hand, or about to be at hand!

    1. I’m glad your man is starting to help out. It kind of annoys me that we get so thrilled when they actually do something because it should be a given. But it’s great you can see progress. Keep up the nagging 🙂

  10. Aww girl this is a constant stress for me…. It is quite apparent that I am NOT as good at multi-tasking as I once was. For me, my blog has been neglected so that I can deal with all that is needing dealt with.

    You my dear can handle it. 🙂 I believe in you!

  11. I’m horrible at multi-tasking, and I do think it’s true that women are often pressured to “do it all” and be great at everything they do. There’s so much pressure on women to be the perfect mothers, wives, employees, homemakers, etc., and that’s why women get stressed and depressed so easily these days.

    I always get the feeling that I should be doing something constantly – or that I should be doing better at the things I’m already doing.

    All in all, we need to give ourselves a break!

  12. Yes, you’re right – it does most often fall on women, for whatever reason. I’m a bad example of a multi-tasker.

  13. It’s all a matter of prioritizing…there is no way to get everything done at 100%. And those of us who also juggle family and home need to insist on getting more help. I work longer hours than my bf, yet I also do all the housework, laundry, cooking etc…not good.

  14. Rightly said. Multitasking ought to be made synonymous with women. What’s worse is that sometimes all the bases can’t be covered…and that leads to one mess to another….
    And before I know it, ‘m screaming my lungs out..( it really helps !!)…

    As for time-offs, some how it always winds up on the to-do list..

    Yet, sometimes we all do need a pat on the back. So, hats off to all the “multi-taskers”….

    Good-luck with the juggling !!

  15. I am a mother and wife already in early age and soon going to continue also my studies. I have just been thinking about all of this multitasking lately, how I should find time for all the things I want or have to do. But the only comfort is that the more you do, the more you can do…

  16. I get a glass of wine. Makes me stop to think hence no multitasking is involved.
    I’m sending lots of good luck to you with publishing. I’m sure you can do it! Just remember, I want a copy of your book signed 🙂 xx

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