Halloween treats have arrived

I heart cupcakes. They make me feel all girly and full of wonder like I’m 7 again. I also love Halloween themed ones they make all spicy and pumpkin-flavoured.

I just ate the above one that was pumpkin, ginger and cinnamon flavour with vanilla icing. Notice the witch on top too!

Unfortunately, I was kind of robbed at the place in London where I got it – I paid £3.50 for it. Probably not worth that much but it was a nice afternoon treat.

Now I need to find some pumpkin soup!

What Halloween treats do you like?



28 thoughts on “Halloween treats have arrived”

  1. I love cupcakes . . . but prefer to bake them at home so that I can get a dozen (or more) for $3 (or so).

    But it does seem a lovely treat!

    My favorite Halloween treat is the leftover chocolate that I bought for non-existent trick or treaters. 😀

  2. Cupcakes work for me, although I admit I indulge in all kinds of decadent treats when no trick-or-treaters come. 😉

  3. Oh I love cupcakes too. They’re like delicious personal cakes. But they can get expensive. Over here there was a cupcake boom a while back. There are cupcake specialty stores. All they make are cupcakes. People buy them in packs and sometimes there are lines out the door. Nuts, huh?

  4. Oh yum. But you’re going to be totally jealous. My dad is a baker, and I went home for a weekend around my birthday and was sent back with 4 cakes. Ok, ok, 3 cakes and a dozen red velvet cupcakes. LOL My roomates and I are slowing working toward full couch potato status with my dad’s generous gifts.

  5. That cupcake looks wonderful!
    I like roasted pumpkin seeds at Halloween, and like anything sweet year ’round. I’m thinking of making marshmallows from scratch as we just took the pool down and are putting the firepit in the yard.

  6. Reading about cupcakes had made me crave them really badly! But during this time of year I seem to eat a bizarre amount of ginger kiss cookies and spicy apple muffins. I just can’t resist most kind of food this time of year haha :]

  7. Does it count to call my day-before-Halloween birthday my favorite birthday treat? Because it’s true. 😉

    This year, my favorite Halloween treat will be Li’l D in a dragon outfit. And watching him go bonkers after we have a little candy.

    For some reason, sweets don’t sound appealing to me at the moment! I wish I could say that same thing more than about three minutes every year. 0:)

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