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Attracting an agent

Searching for an agent to take on your manuscript and turn you into a published author is a bit like internet dating.

You search online, try and find one that matches your tastes and who you might have something in common with then you submit your profile – a submission aiming to tempt said agent into wanting to see more of you. It may be using a manuscript and not a photo but it’s the same leap into the unknown, the same “pick me please” chant at a stranger albeit with a different purpose in mind.

Then once they like what you can offer, they will like an internet date, try to woo you – maybe not with flowers or chocolates but with talks of book deals and career promises. Once you have agreed on both sides that you have chemistry, you enter into what will hopefully be a long term relationship. Although, unlike an online dating match, the agent will continue to look for new writers whereas you’d hope your new boyfriend would leave the dating site once they’ve found you!

I just hope I can find an agent who is attracted to me. Well, my writing obviously πŸ™‚




25 thoughts on “Attracting an agent”

  1. I hope you find an agent that “gets” you, you know understands you and takes good care of you. Don’t be afraid to be choosey, it’s going to happen.

  2. Ooh, are you looking for an agent now? The novel I’m working on is hardly done, but I hope that someday I’ll be going through the process of looking for an agent… So I’m definitely interested in how other people go about the process!

  3. I know that you will find your perfect match one of these days. I admire you for trying, as I gave up the search a while back. Maybe I’ll try again one of these days, if I ever get my act together and start another book. You are an inspiration, Vicky. Stay strong.


  4. The job search is a lot like querying and Internet dating, too. All three can be frustrating at times, but they’re a lot of fun if that’s your outlook!

  5. You might want to check out Julie’s blog, Write Up My Life (on my blog roll) ~ she has a Meet Your Agent feature and interviews agents and writers for what brought them together.

    Good luck, Vix!

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