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Here’s to pop bands of charts past

So just when one UK pop band reunites – Steps, another one splits – Westlife. I was a teenager when these bands were in the heyday – late 90’s, early 00’s and as such I have a soft spot for the glorious pop music of the time and when I hear a snippet, I have to smile especially if it’s pure cheese, which a great big chunk of it was! Even though it’s not Sunday when I’d usually post music, I couldn’t let this opporunity pass me by – I have to share the best of 90 / 00’s pop with you and I hope it cheers everyone up. So long Westlife, see you for your reunion tour in 10 years time I’m sure 🙂

Westlife – World of our own

Steps – Stomp

S Club 7 – Reach

Spice Girls – Say you’ll be there

Take That – Everything changes

B*witched – C’est la vie

What were your pop band favourites?




12 thoughts on “Here’s to pop bands of charts past”

  1. Oh my god.
    I loved all of those songs!

    When I said LOVED, I mean loved.

    I still love Take That now; but steps & s-club reminds me of my school days – when bullying (or people ignoring me!) was rife & teachers (and my mum!) were trying to tell me that I couldn’t be famous…. and now those songs just sound wrong to me. Urgh, urgh, urgh!

    Now I can’t stand to listen to any songs from my school days; apart from a select few – “Don’t Speak” by No Doubt is just one of them. I have to pretend to ignore them when the top 10 at 10 is on the radio….

    And no, I won’t be seeing Steps on tour, even if I wanted to when I was younger…!

    Jules @

    p.s. should I do a new personal blog? I want to do a blog where I write about my past….!! 😛 x

  2. Funny, cause I’m from Canada and am unfamiliar with all of these (except for Spice Girls).

    I have a question Vicky..since your writer (so you might know why I want a computer: writing/research/connecting, etc)

    I’m very financially strapped, but able to get something….
    looked at 3 of my viable options

    1) 10″ netbook…so tiny..i’ve never had…a nuisance?…comes with basic microsoft office built in…cheapest option available…good and bad…so tiny and obviously therefore slower too…i use majority of time at home for sure…but an option to transport it is an interesting idea since its light enough to do that…or drag into bed, etc…

    2) 15″ …looking at couple…obvioulsy more expensive than option above…but bigger and still viable financially…bigger, what i assume is better-stronger-etc…but i guess i’m used to that stuff…would have to add microsoft office in order to get updated version of word and have that (i.e..netbooks have microsoft word “basic” built in….the bigger laptops do not – but u can get it at more price at full capacity version)

    i’m hoping to buy asap…thanks!

      1. Thanks. Is yours a netbook or a bigger 15″+?

        And with your latest post (sadness): I know exactly how you feel.

  3. I’ve only heard of the Spice Girls, but the other songs have a fun beat to them. The hair and make up crack me up in Steps because I remember wanting to dye my hair hot pink so badly. Closest I ever got was buying a product that streaked your hair color temporarily. What fun things we do for fashion.

  4. OMG, S Club 7… “Never Had A Dream Come True” was my sister and my’s faux-jam. And I’m still a huge Spice Girls fan, not gonna lie. We would blast their CDs during our middle school volleyball practices. I still listen to them all the time 🙂

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