Friday Finds???

I’m not sure about this weekly post, sometimes I have things to share like a great book or film or a shopping purchase but not always and I struggle knowing hwo to fill this weekly theme.

So I’m considering scraping it but I wondered what you guys think about themed posts – do they attract you to a blog and make you want to read or do the turn you off? Do you write a themed post and do you like it or find it too restricting?

Thanks for your help!



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14 thoughts on “Friday Finds???”

  1. I always find your themed post interesting, but that doesn’t mean you have to do them every week. Why not just have a recurring theme when you are motivated? I mean, if next week you have no Friday Finds, fine. Maybe the following week you will. In a way my Celebrating Fabulous Friend posts are recurring, but I can only write them when I have something to say.

  2. I personally love your ‘finds’. I almost did one similiar last week when I got this fab new shirt but I didn’t want to copy you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I tend to only read recurring themed posts on folks’ blogs if there’s not a whole lot else to read, which is to say–not very often. I do like the rare ones that show up (“Throat-punch Thursday,” “Friday Finds”) when cause warrants.

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