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Friday Finds

I’ve decided to keep this post when I have things to share. If anyone wants to add in their recommendations (and link to their blog), please email me the week you want to be included.

Here are this week’s finds from me:

Kelly Clarkson – Stronger

I’ve been a fan of Kelly Clarkson since her first album so it’s no great shock that I think her latest one is great but I actually think it’s her best tied with her second album Breakaway. Full of pop-rock songs, it’s fun and feisty and catchy and shows what a great singer and artist she is. My favourite songs are “What doesn’t kill you (stronger)”, “Einstein” and the gorgeous ballad “Standing in front of you”.

Lee Monroe – Dark Heart Rising

This is the sequel to Dark Heart Forever and is about a mortal British girl who falls in love with a wolf boy from an angel run universe called Nissulm. You do need to read the first book to really understand the story but both books are light and easy reads with a good balance between romance and action and both provided a couple of twists and turns that I didn’t seem coming. Probably meant for younger readers but I still enjoyed it.


I got this DVD on sale in HMV having heard mixed reviews. It really is a unique film and hard to describe. It’s basically about a group of girls who appear to be in a mental asylum and fall into fantasy sequences to win items that will help them escape from it. It’s hard to know what’s real and what’s not in the movie and I think I need to watch it again. It has great action and a brilliant soundtrack and some great feisty ladies kicking butt but I warn you it’s weird and not everyone will like it. I enjoyed it but I can’t fully say why πŸ™‚

Anyone else read / seen / listened to these? What did you think?


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