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3 words

No, not “I love you” but “I’m a writer“.

Ok, I cheated a bit there πŸ™‚ But actually to say the words out loud that you’re a writer can be just as scary and significant. When I started this blog almost a year ago, I kept it anonymous, I even had a cartoon profile pic and I was scared to put my writing ambitions out into the universe. So much has changed since then. This blog has given me a great opportunity to write frequently and to build up an amazing support network. It has also given me the confidence to tell people in the “real” world about my writing goals.

I think the fear of failure meant I was scared to tell people I was writing a book. I didn’t want to feel stupid if it never got published. But what I’ve realised is I have already achieved something pretty amazing – I have written a book. And to add to that, I’ve now written two books. Actually saying the words out loud that I have written these books and I am trying to get them published has spurred me on more.

I have been amazed at the support I’ve received since I “came out” as a writer. Not only from you guys reading this but family and friends and other writers, yes even published ones. I was touched by an email from a close friend only this week encouraging me. I have just had the best rejection email so far – it might have been a rejection but it was encouraging and gave me hope that another agent might feel differently and it validated my hope that one day I will strike that gold and make my dreams a reality.

So I suppose what I’ve learn this past year is that it’s okay to have dream but more than that, it’s exciting and motivating to share them with people you trust. I have no need to fear anymore. All I need to do is keep trying and keep building support around me because with all this positive attitude, something good must be on the horizon.

Thank you to everyone who has given me encouragement lately. I really do appreciate it. And I promise to name check you in my future bestseller πŸ™‚

Who else wants to “come out” and say they’re a writer too?!



45 thoughts on “3 words”

  1. me! I have plans on the current book and turn it into a series starring Lola (3 or 4 books in total), I have planned the rough outlines of them all and even know the ending of the whole series!

    Also, I remember writing a book (or starting to!) aged 19 about someone dating a celebrity. The person is a different character to Lola, much more outgoing, who is popular, etc… I just hope I can make my characters come alive!!!

    I believe that now, with a book on the way along with Wordshaker, I can become the next Carrie Bradshaw! πŸ™‚ I just hope that everyone else believes in me!!!


  2. I’ve already come out and done that, but it feels remarkably awkward still! I was at a YA event recently where I was named as an author and told to stand up. I was rooted to my seat until a friend shoved me up. Later, the folks around us said, “I didn’t know you were an author!” I said I liked words but wouldn’t go that far, causing my friend to elbow me and say, “Yes, she’s an author, and a talented one.”

    It still feels uncomfortable, but I also know it’s right. Mostly this is because I told one of my artist friends I wasn’t a writer, which earned me one of the most incredulous looks I’ve ever seen before he said, “Please imagine for me a world in which you do not write anything. Anything. Tell me after you’ve imagined it just how how shitty that feels, and then come back to me and say you’re not a writer!”

    The thought was horrifying.

    So, yeah. I’m a writer. You’re a writer, and you’ve accomplished something great by having written these! It’s uphill from here. Keeping on going means keeping on learning more, after all!

  3. I had the same problem, but now that I’m sitting at home full time trying to get my novel published I can’t really avoid calling myself a writer anymore! Since I started my blog I’ve had to ‘come out’ too; after all, you can’t write a blog about being a writer if you won’t admit you’re a writer… Good luck with your novels, I hope when I start getting rejection letters that they are as encouring as your most recent one sounds πŸ™‚

  4. This is exactly the way I feel.
    I feel terrified (terrified) at saying the words “i am a writer”. I feel like a fraud. I feel like i could never have a reading/writing blog because it will “expose” me, make me more public, open, and perhaps stunt my creativity….or worse…..make my expectations of failure the more prominent. I’m afriad to let others know….but I feel Im not “like them”…i.e. you and others are “good” and I’m just flailing and a fraud.

    I don’t kno if I should remain private and not expose myself (because by nature, I’m not one to throw myself out there or my own hopes and dreams…i leave those in my head and heart and keep them for me) but have this OVERWHELMING urge to talk to others about the stories i write, my doubts, my fears, my thoughts along the way….the good, bad and ugly…the feeling that I’ m 30 years old and should be doing something “valuable” with my time vs. writing stories that may never go anywhere…..

    (particularly when I am a huge procrastinator, have permanent WB, lose interest, fail to start or complete)

    oh the doubts and insecurity!

    Great post.

    1. I’m so sorry you feel like that, I honestly think you should go for it. I have no idea if I’ll ever have a chance out there but like you I want to write and that passion keeps me going. I think you should start up a blog for sure!

  5. Great post! often as writers we underestimate how much we have actually achieved. It is not easy to no.1 believe you can write, no. 2 write and number 3. complete a project.

    Great to see you have done all through. It is a scary and enjoyable journey!

    Welcome to the club!

  6. *Raises hand*
    Hello, my name is Lynn Rush and I’m a writer.

    It’s so hard to say that sometimes isn’t it. And when my first book published, I was told I can call myself an *author*

    Ah, hell, I was still getting used to the term *writer*..So, I’ll stick with writer, because that’s what I do. πŸ™‚ And I’m lovin’ it!

    Write on, my friends!

  7. Vix you’re so right – it makes it even more meaningful to share your dreams with others. I have great confidence in you as well and believe one day your dream will come true! Until then just remember, you’ve already won. πŸ™‚

  8. A lovely post. I think there is no other way in anything one does but to keep trying and not take rejections too seriously. You should be incredibly proud of yourself for a writing two books! I hope I will one day.

  9. Gosh, I’m going to go into broken record mode for a second here, but as always – great post!

    I’m a writer. I’ve been (and still actually am) embarrassed to tell people this, even though I now have a Masters degree in Journalism and have been published in 3 paper publications and two legitimate websites (i.e. not including my own blog) over the past 5 years. I rarely share with my peers what I’ve written because I have been repeatedly told by scholars that writing about the entertainment industry is not real journalism. Growing up, I was never comfortable with my writing skills. Putting my thoughts into words to try and convey what I was thinking/feeling to other people. I would always think to myself, “Now, why would anyone else care what I have to say about this particular topic?” But, with an education and practical experience in video production, film and journalism, I am more and more aware that what I say (well, write) does matter πŸ™‚

    I admire you for your coming out as a writer and am proud of you for sticking with it. We all know this isn’t the easiest field to be a part of, but it’s something we *need* to do.

  10. *opens closet door just enough to peak out*
    I don’t know if I wanna come out yet… Hmmm…
    Okay, fine. I’m a writer.
    I always used to say that I WANNA be a writer, but what the heck?! I use words all the time. I type them, text them, write them… I’m a freaking writer. SOMEday, I’ll have a book or some sort of publication to show for it. For now, I’m writing, writing, writing. Entering random competitions as they come up, and listening for feedback.

  11. Ive had positive responses from people when I tell them I write. However, I work in a psych dept & everybody is supportive, lol! πŸ˜‰

    The writing community is super awesome too. Wonderful people!

  12. By the time I started blogging, I had already “come out” as a writer, but I, too, kept it quiet when I first started writing. Only my husband and my cousin knew I was writing a novel. At some point I decided if I was going to be serious about this, then I should tell people. So, telling people (coming out, so to speak), was how I let everyone else know I was serious about writing. Now, it’s the easiest thing in the world to say. I just hate that follow up question: are you published?

  13. This is awesome and so inspiring! I started my blog about a year ago and was completely anonymous for the longest time…but then you hit a point where the “I’m a writer” concept feels real and you feel proud of your work, you suddenly realize your potential. Congratulations on making it this far and the best of luck as you continue to follow your heart and embrace your dreams! πŸ™‚

  14. I think everyone my friends and family all knew from an early age; I had a tendency to tell elaborate, highly imaginative stories whenever I had the opportunity. I never wrote a full-length manuscript until last year, though, and am working on a second now. I think one important shift beyond the “I am a writer” (which is a state of being) is to “I am writing” (which is action with a tangible product).

  15. Oh I am so happy for you, honestly, You’re on the right track- don’t be scared to share your creation with others. You are so talented and inspiration for all of those people who are afraid to put them self out there… Can’t wait to read your book already. I am sure you’re going to get them published and do so good.. All the best for you.. πŸ™‚

  16. So, I’m doing NaNo unofficially (I just started on Nov 3rd without signing up, but following similar rules myself). I didn’t prepare, didn’t outline, etc etc….at about 11.000 words I’m lost and have a million other awesome ideas I want to do instead.
    Plus, I started this current work in 1st person, humorous tone…now at 11,000 words I’ve gone to 3rd person, changed characters names and have a more clever, sarcastic tone…yipes…I do not and have not went back to re-edit…which means the beginning and this 10,000 words later thing are not even along the same story (same story, but so many changes)..meaning if I did decide to go back and re-edit it after november…it will be one heck of a mess. I mean, I’d have to essentially re-write it all over again.

    And I am stuck at this point. I’m not sure what the characters do at this point…it has to be adventurous and entertaining and I can’t spark anything to come. I’m quite the newbie and not sure if i ought to keep chugging through it regardless (just for the writing practice) or get my head on straight and plan a different project that won’t be so messy.

    Such a love/hate relationship! One minute gleeful, the next completely convinced you and it are trash and going into it without an outline or true passion is asking for trouble. Phew…had to chat this out because I have no writing buddies and feel the compulsion to talk about it πŸ™‚

    1. All writers have to rewrite so don’t worry. I think the fact you have decided on the right tone is great and you’ll just have to rework the start. It will be hard work but worth it! Don’t give up!

  17. You are sooooooo a writer… even when you started out anonymous, you were a writer… The difference now I believe is that you found your voice. A voice that you are comfortable sharing with us. One that I’ve grown to know and adore over the last year. I know I’ve not been quite as visibly supportive lately, but always know even if I’m not commenting or writing myself, I am ALWAYS reading your posts. I am proud of you! Proud to have gotten to know you through our writings… You are a writer. I am a writer. xoxo

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