Have a little patience

I’ve never been a particularly patient person. If I want to do something I want to do it now. My brain works quite quickly so it’s hard to slow it down and say hang on a minute; you need to wait for this one!

So why, do I ask myself, have I chosen to participate in the world of publishing? Aka the slowest moving industry ever. Where patience is required by the bucket load! I must be a glutton for punishment.

As I wait for responses from agents, I have to force myself not to keep checking my email for a response. I want my book to be published now not in four years time. Sadly there’s not much I can do but wait for things to happen. Because as Miss Snark wrote There’s glacial … and then there’s agent response times.

Any advice for how I can learn to be more patient?



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36 thoughts on “Have a little patience”

  1. I don’t know if there is a trick to patience per say, but I think the easiest way is combining a lot of trust in the outcome with #5 in this list from Sarah Wilson’s post about Louise Hay’s insights for life.

    “Answer the phone and open the mail. She says this a bit. And what she means is, don’t look for outcomes or success. Simply go about your day, doing your job and watch what happens next. Don’t fret. She also says the right things come slowly. Indeed!”

    Link: http://www.sarahwilson.com.au/2011/08/5-louise-hay-insights-for-healing-your-life-plus-a-thyroid-tip/

    Ever since reading it I’ve made a point of reminding myself to just get on with it – if it’s meant to happen and I’ve done everything I can to make it happen, it will happen. Then I proceeded to expand the variety of things I include in my day to include new places, new people and more cake. Partly as a distraction, partly because it’s hell fun. Particularly the cake.

    So I’d say ‘good luck’ but it’s not about luck it’s about effort & trust… so instead: I’m looking forward to hearing you’ve got word from the publishers very soon & of your enjoying massive success as a writer.

  2. I just busy myself. I’m too busy to be impatient! I fill my days with a million things to do. That way, I don’t have the time to sit down and wonder how long things will take. The thing that DOES bother me is when I need something from someone else to accomplish something for myself. Like I need to send out a million envelopes in the mail. It would be nice if a nice lady would print them ou and get them to me so I could start stuffing the envelopes. *sighs*

  3. Just waiting around for someone you really want to happen is really difficult. I think the litre of wine advice is god, but if it takes to long that could be an awful lot of wine. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you

  4. How do you approach revision? That’s what I’m wondering about my current WIP. I’m doing something for Nano, but its a complete mess. In december, if it still intrigues me…I might rewrite , etc in order to learn the process and learn how to fix my errors, etc.. It will be great to actually finish it. But its truly truly bare bones (so many errors and left out things, etc along the way…things I “discover” but don’t add in, just make the mental notes so I can proceed with the writing). So, I’m wondering how I will approach revision….open it up and start rewriting above the old, ??? what. Becuase the whole thing will seriously need to be torn apart, patched up, changed POV, etc etc.

    I’ve only started and written a few things and never to completion. So even if I complete and rewrite this one a million times, I’m not sure it’d be worthy to submit. I have it in my mind that I’d probably need to write a few novels and re-write and edit and learn more about writing well before submitting.

    When do you reach the stage where you share your work? Do you have a personal critique partner, etc? I don’t have writerly friends, so I’m not sure how I’ll go about that or at what final revision I’d feel good about going through that process.

    Anyway, it seems like you are getting help from writing/publishing websites. Sounds great. I read a few now and then, but I try to avoid them because I’m at a really novice phase, and I think I ought to actually write, write , write and actually have work written before I get overwhelmed by writing sites and publishing//agent stuff. I’d be putting my cart before my horse then maybe.

    You’re quite accomplished.

    And patience is hard too. Because writing is a LONG journey.LOng. You wait for an agent…might be years with that…might lose the agent…mmight get a new one…lose hope…get a bite from a publisher….doesn’t work out, ….and then once it does get picked up for publication, another 2 years or so for it to be published.
    Amazing stuff. But it shows that at the end of the day, you really got to love writing ….cause why else put ourselves through such crazy torture 🙂

    1. I know this will be an annoying answer but it really is about what works for you. I’ve never be good at planning, at school I never did a revision timetable and with my writing I haven’t done outlines, I like to just sit down and write and see what flows. I write from beginning to end and then revise and edit. But there’s no right way to do it, that’s just my style! Hopefully all our work will pay off one day 🙂

      1. I feel so behind…particularly when I’m watching the x factor and other oh-so-important shows when I should/could be doing other things…!! Especially since my current WIP is a pantser and im not loving it, and so this isn’t “the one”…so “the one” might be another year or 2 or 3 at this rate. AHhhhh…


        oh, and Vix, I’ll link you to one of my favorite blogs, good read:


  5. Patience is something we all learn, you never see a patient toddler. I think we learn to become more patient as we are made to wait, and of course when you try and rush things along you do notice how things tend to go a bit sideways. I think it’s just something that happens, you really can’t rush it, imagine the irony of that statement. But maybe this will be the thing that teaches you patience, as you can’t rush it nor it’s timeline.

  6. I don’t know if patience can be learned, especially when it’s something as life changing and meaningful as your publishing dreams. I don’t see it as impatience, I see it as strength to be so perseverant.

  7. Have a child?


    I’ll think on this question further, but I have no serious answers right now! I’ve been finding myself more and more impatient of late, although that impatience is curtailed by a certain litte dude.

  8. I have tried so hard to get my lab to leave the bone on the nose. But nope, she flips it and gobbles it right up! I don’t blame her! Patience is hard. I find I have less of it..the older I get……. sending good thoughts that it goes by fast. 🙂

  9. I have a patience problem as well…..my first book was rejected for years before it was finally accepted in 10/11. I would definately agree with some of the other comments about making your days busy, so you won’t have time to stress.
    Have you considered self-publishing or submitted to epublishers (they publish quicker)? That might satisfy your need “to make things happen.”

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