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Guide to winning the lottery

I just finished the funny “Lia’s guide to winning the lottery” by Keren David, a YA book about a teenage London girl who wins £8 million on the lottery.

Here’s what I learnt:
* Most women who win the lottery store the ticket in their bras for safe keeping
* If you go public with your win, a Facebook group slagging you off will follow
* If you are brought the ticket by a friend, make sure their mum never finds out or you’ll try to sue you
* The gorgeous guy at school you’ve had your eye on will suddenly find you attractive, and he might be a vampire
* Everyone will expect a lot of gifts
* You get a personal advisor and banker to help you manage your money and they will try to suck the fun out of your win
* Money can’t buy you new family and friends so you probably should buy them something nice
* Twilight isn’t real life so the gorgeous boy at school won’t turn out to be a vampire but you might just like him as a human

Who plays the lottery here? What would you do if you won?




25 thoughts on “Guide to winning the lottery”

  1. Winning the lottery. “Yes please”. Publicity: “No thankyou”, but the money would be lovely and a holiday to reflect on my new situation would swiftly follow. In the meantime I will have to continue counting the blessings I have , which is no bad thing I suppose

  2. Fun post. I have actually heard many stories of people’s lives being destroyed after they win. So I would try to approach it with an ounce of sanity. I WOULD NOT immediately change my entire lifestyle. Rather I would put most of it in the bank (a so-called “good-guy” bank) and donate some of it to charity. I would pay off any debt I had first, and if necessary buy a new (but practical) car. The only big splurge I would make would be a fabulous trip somewhere.

  3. I play the lottery about twice a year just for fun. I’ve only ever won a couple bucks.

    If I won the big bucks, I’d been the sensible person. I’d splurge on something big and then invest and save the rest of it. Boring….

  4. If I could win the lottery under a fake name I’d be all about it. I know my siblings well enough, and they’d be all over some cash before I’d even filed the taxes on it 🙂

  5. I don’t play, but I’d like to win.
    If I won the lottery I would:
    1. Move to Canada.
    2. Buy a SWEET bicycle.
    3. Start a non-profit organization.
    4. Buy a house.
    5. Make donations to my top 5 charities.
    6. Adopt a child.
    7. Have more babies.
    8. Pay off mother’s mortgage.
    9. Pay my brother’s tuition for whatever he wants to study.
    10. Prezzies for the fam and friends.

  6. Sounds like a fun book!

    I just played the lotto on my 11-11-11 birthday thinking the stars would aline and I’d finally win something. I even bought 11 tickets for good luck. NOT! Well, I did win two dollars but still lost 9. The experenice just reminded me why I don’t gamble!!!!!

  7. I’ve never been the lucky winner type. But if a windfall did come my way, I think I would travel a bit and and consider starting some sort of foundation and perhaps a related business. Oh, and when I found the place I want to settle down I would relocate there.

  8. I would travel like crazy, donate to charity, and help my family. Then I would probably go back to school and become a professional student. I would have loved to do more broadcasting courses and art classes.

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