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My dream guy

My lovely blogging friend Jules has set up a new blog called Wordshaker – a magazine for the modern woman. She asked me to take part in this week’s theme – crushes – so I have submitted a post all about my dream guy.

I’ll give you a hint as I’m so good to you – he’s made up of 3 celebrity men 🙂

Please head over and let me know what you think about my crushes and who your dream guy would be!



10 thoughts on “My dream guy”

  1. I headed over but I could only find one about Morrissey… but having gone back I now see it!

    Mr Darcy – the whole idea of being wooed and courted is rather nice. Much nicer than the reality of a few dates and then normality of cooking / cleaning etc etc. Who said romance was dead? It might be in reality but it lives on in my dreams…..

    I read a lot of fantasy books so basing my dream man on those he would have to be Sir Sparhawk ( David Eddings ).

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