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Glamour puss

I went Xmas shopping at the weekend and my eye caught the girls on the Benefit make-up counter dressed up in forties style. One of them ended up defining my eyebrows, putting mascara on my mum and selling us £100 worth of products as pressies for us!

I love the idea of having a retro style and admire people with the confidence to wear it everyday. On the occasion I wear red lipstick, I instantly feel more glamorous and I’d love to experiment more with vintage. I was eyeing up the Benefit girl’s pin curls, which I might have to try at Xmas.

I think nowadays most people are pretty casual and that’s probably why I adore old school glamour as it’s so different to how we are now. I’m not sure I’m ready to go full out forties style but I shall try to channel some retro style when I can.

If in doubt, I shall look to the ultimate glamour puss style icon, the always inspirational Marilyn Monroe!

“I don’t mind being burdened with being glamorous and sexual. Beauty and femininity are ageless and can’t be contrived, and glamour, although the manufacturers won’t like this, cannot be manufactured. Not real glamour; it’s based on femininity.”
― Marilyn Monroe

Do you have a glamourous alter-ego you wish you could let out?!


26 thoughts on “Glamour puss”

  1. OMG you would make such a perfect glamour puss. I mean your eyes are just sooo gorgeous, just a bit of eyeliner and oh, to die for!!!! I really think you could rock the vintage look, and femininity is always a seductive thing. Oh so fantastic!!!!

  2. Dita! Dita! Dita! …. Oh how I wish I had the hourglass figure of my idol! Alas even if I were to have the time and effort to get into tight lacing the bank account wouldn’t allow such wonderful corsets… although I do have 4 for when Brian treats me to an evening out at the local Burlesque show.

    I do actually own a few vintage dresses ( I love the forties ) and just recently added a Tara Starlet red dress to my wardrobe 🙂

    Benefit is a wonderful range, it’s the only make up I actually wear, on the very rare occasion I wear the stuff. The girls that promote it are brilliant and really make you feel comfortable – showing you how to do things.

    I really wish I could do the pin up hair though – I mean I do have a head full of ringlets but they go where they want not where they’re put.

  3. Glad you enjoyed getting primped up! I do NOT have a glamorous alter ego and have never enjoyed playing dress up.

    I love shorts, t-shirts, and flip flops. Or long flowing skirts with bare feet. 😎

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