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Losing your mojo baby

I was on the train yesterday and I was thinking about what to write about today. I wasn’t in a great mood. In fact, I thought I might be losing my mojo. Today, I read a post from Lisa on the exact same topic . And I knew it was true. Like Lisa, I’ve lost my mojo 😦

I think there are a few reasons why I’ve hit a slump. I feel a bit in limbo at the moment, not sure what direction I should be going in. I haven’t been able to work on my WIP due to a lack of motivation. I don’t feel inspired. Even the date today doesn’t help with days to wait until I hit the Xmas break but wanting it to come now.

It’s hard to define your mojo or why you’ve lost it or how you can get it back. It’s a feeling and a state of being. I’m determind to get mine back because no one wants a grummy boots at Xmas.

So I need your help guys – how do you get your mojo back when it’s disappeared?



37 thoughts on “Losing your mojo baby”

  1. Sorry I can’t help, I lost mine ages ago and find it hard to even write a blog now ( mind most of mine are moaning about what horror the kids have thrown in the loop recently – it gets a bit boring you know ).

    I think maybe some ‘you’ time? An inspirational book? Something off the cuff and different that will jump start your creative juices.

    I suggest looking into going to a comedy club with some friends. Is there a komedia club near you? They have burlesque nights monthly you know….. 😉

    1. Thank you for cheering me up with your glam post! And good ideas here. I think I do need to get into my next book and that’ll take my mind of waiting to hear from agents, I just need to make myself do it 🙂

  2. When I feel that way, I go back to a place that makes me happy or see people that make me happy! I love going to the beach and just sitting on the sand on a hot, summer’s day or having a delicious, Sunday brunch with friends (it’s almost Sunday!).

    Or when I’m feeling really down, I watch Gossip Girl! How can you resist watching the often crazy but glamorous lives of Manhattan’s elite.

    Hope you get your mojo back soon! 🙂

  3. Oh twin sister born in a different year to a different mother, we really should try to get on opposite schedules. 😉 But seriously, you just completed a book and sent it to agents. That’s pretty awesome. Whenever I have projects with deadlines, I lose my mojo for a while afterward. That doesn’t explain my current mojo-less state, but it might help you with yours. I suggest you do something completely different. Paint a picture. Read some poetry. Do some holiday-type crafts. I think you will rediscover your mojo sooner rather than later. Or, we can help each other out by giving each other mini-assignments to be creative with. Let’s chat soon . . .

    Hugs, Lisa

  4. Yeah, help…I lost my mojo and can’t find it again.

    I had an idea for a story (middle grade novel).
    wrote 36,000 words…lost my mojo (and all interest).
    Tried to force it back
    started fresh…same concept, different way….2500 words
    i keep losing it…so now a friend of mine (who i stupidly mentioned to that i’ve been writing) keeps asking me about it…and that mounts the mojo loss train more.
    Cause its like “yeah…about that”…i sit down and just stare at my computer for a few hours like a dummy.

    I lost my mojo.
    and it ain’t comin’ back
    (sounds like that start to a country song….)

  5. Oh man. I’m sorry. Losing the mojo is just no fun. I know when the words aren’t flowing well for me, I step back and do some critiques, read a few books from my TBR list and exercise a lot! 🙂

  6. I’ve been there, and not sure of exact one thing that brings it back, but I spend some time with just me. Sometimes it’s a long walk or maybe a hot bath. Then I read or watch movies. Somtimes the feeling lasts for days or even weeks, but evenutally the mojo returns.

  7. Sometimes you just need a break, or to work on something else, or to push through and force a few words out until the motivation returns. Something I learned during NaNo is that if your manuscript is boring you at the moment, maybe you need to shake things up. Send your characters somewhere new and different and see where it takes you. Or skip to a scene that does excite you. Good luck reclaiming your mojo!

  8. I commit to blogging every day. Because life doesn’t slump when you are sleep-deprived and crazy. Lol. I guess forcing myself to keep going usually inspires. It truly makes no sense! I hope you get your mojo back, baybee, yaaah.

  9. Yeah like all other above suggested, do something what makes you feel inspired again but also don’t take any pressure, like life is changing and you can’t be all the time full of inspiration and ideas and energy. But the best thing to do, when you’re at the low moment, is to focus on the brighter side, maybe really take some rest, relax, try to do something fun, what will bring life into you again!

  10. You put the Austin Power’s picture in your post and I couldn’t resist not smiling all the time while reading what you wrote. :)) I think everybody loses his mojo once in a while…is not a problem. You will find it soon, don’t worry.

  11. I pretend like it’s still there and proceed nevertheless. If I’m too unfocused, I put that energy elsewhere. I spent so much of my life being depressed, I’m wary of feeding the anti-mojo monster, because it makes it even bigger–in my experience, only! I can’t speak to anyone else’s.

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