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Weekend catch up

I had a three day weekend and spent most of it helping my mum celebrate her brithday. Thanks everyone who sent Birthday wishes, she was really grateful! On Friday, we went shopping and out for lunch at Pizza Express. I must stop using Christmas as an excuse to shop as I’m buying more for myself than anyone else 🙂

I picked up these two cozy jumpers along with a sparkly watch and earrings:

For those that were concerned 🙂 I also managed to find a sparkly top to wear on Xmas day yay!

On Saturday, we went out with some friends to a lovely French restaurant The French Table, which is run by a family friend. The food is amazing, this is what I had:

Starter – vension tart

Main – lamb with mash and vegs on the side

Dessert – gingerbread and butter pudding

They also brought out a special dessert for the birthday girl, which she almost ate before I could take a photo!

We were so stuffed and a little tipsy from the wine. I would have added a photo of us but they were all shocking! We still managed some fo the cake I got her –

Phew I think I’ve put on a stone over the weekend 🙂

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!



32 thoughts on “Weekend catch up”

  1. The food looks delectable… and those sweaters are just lovely! All three look exactly like something I would pick – and all definitely my color scheme. 🙂

  2. Food looks brilliant ( and restaurant also looks brilliant… maybe next year Brian could book me in – they do cooking lessons! ).

    I rather like those jumpers.

  3. Glad you had fun with you mum and found a sparkly top for Christmas Day. The pictures of your 3 courses (especially the first two) look very similar . . . round and brown. 😉

    Looks like a SWEET weekend.

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