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Never Look Back

I can’t believe it’s all over for another year! Now we’re in the lull before new year where we all take the opportunity to look back on 2011 and prepare ourselves for 2012.

I thought it would be a good moment to share a poem I wrote earlier this year. I don’t write poetry that often but it sums up what I want to say at this point.

Never Look Back

If I never look back, never look back
Then the past will no longer ensare me
And I can start to chase my future destiny
If I never look down, never look down
I’ll fly high to the stars in the sky and be free
To make all of my dreams reality.

This year has been full of ups and downs. My writing dream both invigorates and imprisons me. I’ve been both frustrated and inspired. I’ve experienced rejection and hope. I’ve realised detemination and persistence is the only way forward.

And now I face decisions, plans and resolutions that I feel both fear and excitement about. It’s time to take stock and to face a new year.

Time to acquire self belief. Time to move forward.

Never look back? I guess we all have to sometimes so we can learn from our past but we shouldn’t be shackled by it.

Never look down? I hope we all aim for the stars this year.



30 thoughts on “Never Look Back”

  1. When we let go of the grasping and the wanting and the absolutely-have-to-have desires, we feel an amazing, UPLIFTING sense of freedom.

    We still move in the direction of our goals . . . while enjoying every step of the way.

    Cheers, Vix! Onward and upwards.

  2. It sounds like you are ready for next year and it’s going to be a positive one for you. That’s fantastic my friend. Happy New Year in advance!!!!

  3. Regret and looking back + me = not good. Basically, the last 10 years of my life have been a mess. And I’m back at square one at this very moment.
    The trouble now is an uncertainty about what to do with my future (I can’t go back to my job that I received 8 years of education for…it kills me, i just can’t do it)…but I can’t financially or mentally survive working at some cashier random job…I’m lost and in a lot of debt.
    I’m wondering about what my future will bring. My strongest interest is in writing. And I’d like to take some courses or a certificate or something to wake me up to it because right now I continue to start and stop and I need something to change this cycle (I have no …nada…knowledge in writing..and some websites leave me completely overwhelming by the depth of info). I need some stability though and to be productive each day…I also have an interest in yoga and nutrition..
    – I’ve considered in future taking a certified year long program in either natural nutrition or health coaching (but its costly, and I worry would it take me away from writing track and distract me…or give me that stability for a life that I might enjoy)
    – I’ve considered taking a yoga teacher course for 6 months…but again, its hugely costly and i wonder if i would enjoy teaching + it would never provide full support..
    – I’ve considered pursuing something in publishing or editorial (but these are iffy in terms of finding a job…would it stunt my creative fiction pursuits to be so involved in the industry…would this industry die out, etc…)
    – I really enjoy stuff like marketing, etc…but again, would it take me off the writing path..but how do i stay on that while still being happy in a job…i don’t want to suffer through some desk job again that will again only suck out my soul and leave me deadened to write…
    – i’d love to take courses in novel writing…but that would be more indulgent vs. lucrative..something to benefit my learning versus to be something for future employment.

    I’m so lost ow as to how to proceed in life. I need to get this on track. I can’t even focus on writing because i’m so confused about my life. BUT, at the same time, I know each an every day I have endless hours to learn and research about writing + actually write…and u know what? I don’t…its like I just read or write little brainstormed pages because the overwhelming idea of “where to start” scares me…i don’t know how u narrow down the blogs to read/start research (if , say, u were completely utterly unquestionably novice to it all). I don’t know…like I have a strong interest in childrens and MG also…and I wonder if there’s something i can do now to “get into” that mode to get myself underway for it…but then i think “gee, i’d better actually finish the project FIRST”…but then its like i’m blind going into it…ah!
    frustrated much πŸ™‚

    If you have any advice, please share. I’m lost and need a life coach (know any other good advice givers??).

    You must think I’m nuts πŸ™‚ I’m not, I’m just confused and its really unbecoming of me. I’m going through a midlife crisis!

    1. Ms. Jan, I feel I am in a similar boat as you as I have lost a job and have an MBA going to waste. If I can help you pls let me know. Check out my blog for some money saving ideas. Or contact me at the email address on my gravatar. I would love to help if I can.


    2. Ah Jan I wish I could help. Sometimes I feel just as lost though! I hope you can find your passion and path to it in 2012 – fresh start for the new year. I think you should start a blog and use it to explore what you want from life, I promise it will help, it helped me! Good luck πŸ™‚

      1. thanks…i always wonder if my blog should be so “writing and book oritented” or “life” oriented…i don’t want to dwell…not sure..

  4. I think that looking back has value as long as you don’t get sucked into the “would have, could have, should have” syndrome. We learn from the past, but I am beginning to learn to focus on the Now and let the future unfold.

    Lovely poem. Happy New Year, Vicky!

  5. I am ready for 2012 to start…for some reason this year it is taking me a lot longer than usual to UNDECORATE from Xmas, usually I have it all down on the 27th…maybe this year I want to do stuff differently and start the New year out in the right way… πŸ™‚ Happy New Year Vix, I hope it brings to you all your dreams and hopes…I look forward to reading more in the new year πŸ™‚

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