Reviews, Sunday Songs

Sunday Songs

I recently disovered teenage folk singer Gabrielle Aplin. She’s really talented!

Gabrielle Aplin – Mirror

I’ve been listening to Jimmy Eat World lately. I seemed to have missed them until now. I love this song …

Jimmy Eat World – Hear you me

As you know, I love Taylor Swift. This one is lovely.

Taylor Swift – Untouchable

I recently discovered Kasey Chambers – an Australian country singer and brought her album Barricades & Brickwalls. This song comes from there.

Kasey Chambers – Not pretty enough

What have you been listening to this week?



18 thoughts on “Sunday Songs”

  1. I love Australian singer Kasey Chambers, been following her for years when she used to sing with her family (The Little River Band). She has a strong voice, I love it.
    Great selection!

  2. Although a few months old, I’ve been enjoying Kelly Clarkson’s album, Stronger. The tunes are quite uplifting and her voice is amazing, too. The Gabrielle Aplin song does sound very good.

  3. You have added a nice selection,
    not my choices of course but you
    have certainly added nicely…

    Of course some Ozzy Osbourne
    would definitely make a fine choice,
    but never mind he is not to every
    taste πŸ™‚ Have a fun evening Vix πŸ™‚

    Androgoth Xx

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